Nobody likes to play Targaryen (8R) - Winter

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This is the deck I used against GJ when the match point was already won for Targaryen - it was the first Agenda we burned early in the tournament - it is really bad.

Winter is nothing Targ likes. So I just opted for Wildlings. Queensguard on Thormund or Varamyr is good. It is known.

In the match, I faced GJ BotT. Hot shit. I was very lucky having Thormund with Queensguard and Dragon Egg turn one. No Valar thanks to BotT, it looked good, despite not having a dupe. But then Pyke hit the board and I lost Thormund und the attachments. I was kinda pissed and stopped to play (without conceding). Yes. I am a whiner.

Don't play this deck. There are far better Agendas for this (like Brotherhood).

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