GREYJOY enters the Frey

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robrobrobwright 31

Nothing exciting to see here, this is basic Greyjoy rush. Aim is to get to 15 power by about round 3 before the deck runs out of steam.

I open with Harvest, it’s really important to go second on round one, even if I got less gold. Riddle was an alternative choice though the times you hit with Harvest allow for a 6/7-drop in addition to set-up, that can basically win you the game. Aim is to be on 5+ power by the end of round 1.

Round 2 I typically use Winter Festival, followed by either Heads on Spikes or Rise of the Kraken as needed in later rounds.

Little Theon and core Balon are awesome with Crossing so should be played early as long as they’re not vulnerable, aiming to get unopposed challenges, triggering events and Great Kraken, which I use for hopefully one draw and one power per round until the closing round. The deck could do with another Intrigue icon or two, perhaps The Reader?

I’m undecided whether Wildfire is the right reset here or if Valar M would be better. I like the fact it’s another way of getting a passive power with Acolyte of the Waves, though I only have one in my deck. Perhaps both could go in at the expense of Barring the Gates? Thoughts welcome.

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