House Martell - Bastard's Claim

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darrenkitlor 1

There's a lot of locations and bastard synergies in this deck. Would love ideas to field more cards earlier.

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VincentAdultman 1

It looks like you're not playing an agenda. Did you miss it off? What agenda were you going to play? I'd say Many Faced God might work if you go with Harmen Uller (see below for why).

I wouldn't play Doran here. What Lords or Ladies will he boost other than TRV? So it's a bit of a waste. Instead, maybe try Harmen Uller? He will allow you to ambush in your Sand Snake characters, of who you have a lot.

It looks like you're playing to lose challenges, considering you have Sunspear, Shandystone and The Boneway. If that's the case you will want to add Burning on the Sand and Vengeance for Elia (events). They'll nullify or even counter your losses. Add Dorne too, as you'll benefit from losses there.

If you're going with this many Sand Snakes then alongside Harmen I'd also add Dorea (think I have the right one) who will be great to ambush in with her ability. There is also a location that allows you to return Sand Snakes to hand, allowing you to repeat her use.

Maybe drop so many copies of Shandystone and Sunspear and add in the Martell attachment let's Sand Snakes stand if they lose a challenge?

I'd say 1x or maybe 2x as most copies of Areo here too.