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Greyjoy 1

Can I get some feedback on this deck please? It's for casual play, but still trying to keep it Joust Tournament Legal.

Req 6

I'm not a GJ loyalist but it seems quite good deckbuilding wise. Of course many choices would be subject to personal taste, style of play, meta influence and so on, but I think it's a good list to start with.

To keep the discussion open, Greyjoy players love their "saves", so I would play 3x Risen and 1x Maester Kerwyin. For this reason (and maybe adding more duplicates to key characters like Victarion) you could afford playing a strong and dangerous plot like Valar Morghulis. In theory a rush deck should always close the game fast, but there will be situation where you will need it.

We do not sow is another great card that many decks fear, so it could be helpful to find room for another copy.

Greyjoy 1

Thanks for the feedback man! While I am inclined to agree about the saves/dupes, I'm not sure what I would take out to add more of them.