Baratheon Shadows : 7-2 French Nat' 2022 by Djokovic (2nd in

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CF 2022 decklists 28

1st round : win against Greyjoy Fealty (Lady Eliz)

2nd round : win against Baratheon Assault from the Shadows (Anselme)

3rd round : win against Targaryen Sea of Blood (Qtt)

4th round : win against Targaryen Free Companies (Toomagic)

5th round : win against Greyjoy Greensight (Dave Bamford)

6th round : lose against Greyjoy Fealty (Alex)

Top 16 : Bye

Top 8 : win against Greyjoy Kings of Winter (Wallvor)

Top 4 : win against Targaryen Aloof And Appart (Rowandra)

Final : lose against Greyjoy Fealty (Alex)

3 comentarios

Anselme. 64

Good job djokovic ! Belle perf et très beau deck, dommage qu'Alex soit trop fort pck tu méritais la première place avec une run pareille, longue vie à la geôle !

BlueHill 30

What could replace Red Priest as a character in this deck? I think Traitor is more useful to the deck so its a keeper.

Neoptolemos 794

Fiery Followers possibly? This is real downside compared to the Red Priests, but they work well as Mel trigger + help to secure dominance, when the Throne is missing.