Targaryen Fealty (Burn) - For FO, by Robert Chervat

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Friendly Open Beginners deck: House Targaryen Fealty.

How hard is this to play?: Easy to Medium.

The basics of burn:The burn tactic is to chop away one or two characters a round to trim the board of the opponent so that after a few turns you have a superior board presence and win with unopposed challenges and power claim. If you burn a character you also burn through all duplicates (which is often a surpise for a new player). It is an aggro variant, so usually you have to priorise the military challenge. In later rounds it is also possible to kill more than two characters. Often your opponents will not defend challenges if you keep a gold and a standing dragon, or two golds for Consuming Flames.


Usually you start Time of Plenty.

The next plot is depending on the board state. Usually Counting Coppers, but all others are possible also.

Close Call should be used for Drogon or Daenerys Targaryen.

Trade Routes should be used if there are a lot of locations already played.

Blood of the Dragon can be played when you got Daenerys Targaryen in play with decent economy and some events in hand.

Valar Morghulis to reset if needed.

The burn effects explained: It is important to know the different burn effects. Some burn effects are until the end of the challenge (Astapor), while others are, until the end of the phase (Drogon, A Dragon Is No Slave, Dracarys!, Plaza of Punishment, Daenerys Targaryen). Also keep in mind that some burn effects are not working on characters with attachments.

Sometimes you need more than one burn effect to kill a character and in this case it is important to have the right order. It is often hard to tell which order is the right one because that depends on the opponent. For example against Greyjoy it is possible that the opponents saves with Risen from the Sea, which works if the opponents character gets to strenght one. But he cannot save if he gets to only strength zero with risen. So often it is better to first use a A Dragon Is No Slave and Dracarys! afterwards, because if he saves he also has an attachment you cannot use a A Dragon Is No Slave afterwards.

The most burn effects need the opponents character to participate in the challenge, so you have to keep your burn options open in the first one or two challenges usually. The basic tactic of this deck is to start with Time of Plenty to put out a few characters and try to burn a character or two.

The most important characters are Daenerys Targaryen and Drogon so try not to put out both of them together if you have no duplicates. Usually you should try to get Daenerys Targaryen and A Dragon Is No Slave because you can use this multiple times in your Trade Routes turn.

The most important thing is to manage your ressources, mainly cards, because often burn effects use up a few cards. In the first rounds you often have to decide whether to keep gold or put out some characters. To find the balance here can be tricky. Sometimes it is also better to wait with your burn cards until the opponent attacks with a juicy target. Then you should try to defend the intrigue challenge.

This deck is made by Robert Chervat which is one of the best players around and he have had good success playing burn decks, and this is a deck made for the new restricted list, so it's highly competitive! Robert (JP profile) is a friend of the Friendly Open, and is often seen spectating the Friendly Open games at Sundays. Friendly Open can be found at Friendly Open's Discord where you can find more decks, discuss with those who made them, and join our weekly tournaments. Hope this decklist will help you, sp leave a comment if it has, and join us for some thrones at the discord channel :)

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