Delena's world (testing)

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Gazna 41

If anyone has any suggestions, they're welcome )))

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Reader 268

If you want more 'Stand that character and remove it from the challenge'... Maester Ballabar, Septa Nysterica, Ser Hyle Hunt.

Reader 268

Also, Renly's Pavilion makes for a better Renly, Septa Nysterica, Ser Hyle Hunt and even Ballabar

Reader 268

Lazy Leo to shuffle your events back in?

Reader 268

Pretty random... but The Maidenvault actually works in the deck depending on your opponent.

The new Gendry (Bastard) works well if you up your Warhammers to x3

You may need something to remove Negative attachments.

Also not sure how useful 1x Oldtown is in this particular deck.

Gazna 41

maybe will try gendry and weapons ))

SonOfBattles1 388

You might want to consider Oathkeeper. It'll help you find Delena :)