Winter At The Wall Berlin 4:1 SWISS - Thrusting Spears

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siegeszug 309


I used this in Winter at the Wall in Berlin. In this fierce environment I managed a noteworthy 4-1 during Swiss including two wins against strong pilots with Martell Mummers.

Interesting plays: -two Seal triggers in a turn

-Skull on Anders Yronwood for double Renown

-Stand + Sword of the Morning also great

-Milk your own Quentyn and then get rid of it

-10 power per turn shenanigans - make no mistake, this really is a Crossing in disguise

5 traits for Dagos:

-Behest-Noble Cause-Smith

-Behest-Naval-Noble Cause

Possible other plots that were part during testing: Valar M, 2x Noble Cause, 2x The Smith, Varys Riddle, 2x Exchange of Information

Feel free to ask me anything.

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Dave007 1

Congratulations! What about Mad Kings Command in your deck?

siegeszug 309

@Dave007 I haven't given it a thought. Though spontaneously I'd give it a no-no because your fastest win condition is to play 2 to 4 renown guys and girls and win with To The Spears. Mad King's Command is detrimental there. Really think of this as a Crossing Deck. A wide board is what you want, leave the resets to your opponent. Valar M was the only thing on my mind because you have searchable Bodyguards and myself I love to see the trigger of The Mountain's Skull going off. But that's just me.

Dave007 1

Understood. It's really a cool deck!

sebpod 8

Is Ricasso too slow for the deck? And why gulltown instead of rose road? Also wondering if Edric (core) would help the cost curve and is a lord.

siegeszug 309

@sebpod thanks for your questions, I will give my perspective on them. Gulltown is like a mini-Ricasso with the benefit of being harder to get rid of for my opponent. Additionally most cards in the deck need 3 plots in the used pile to be effective. For example if you play Behest and Gulltown you can set up Quentyn with a milk and qohor the milk away turn one because his effect isn't hurting you anymore turn 2 already in that case. But I am sure you could make Ricasso work in the deck. If you need a small char to be included then play Spotted Sylva. I think Edric Dayne (Core) to be absolutely garbage.

sebpod 8

Ah, makes sense for gulltown. My brain tunnel visioned on the city element. One more question: dud you consider core viper? Given icon removal isn't happening for that viper, I guess there is a trade off of guaranteed renown vs potential higher upside? Either way, fun looking deck I will have to try

siegeszug 309

@sebpod: I think Core Viper was bad, is bad and continues to be bad. I would start to think about him, if he had Renown printed on him because that also works on defense for example. Still 7 cost is so awkward for setup. Also at least in one game in every tournament people defend against the 6 cost Viper with monocons and "do the fish eyes" at the point the challenges winner is determined.

Deathlysteve 173

Really nice deck @siegeszug! Always love to see a deck utilizing The Red Viper (OR) in all his glory :)