The Great Rainging - Friendly Council (ep8)

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Hi folks. :)

This is the deck we built in Episode 8 of The Friendly Council, our new video series about deckbuilding. This is a new Friendly Open project, aimed at helping beginner and intermediate-level players build their own decks.

This time we take a look at a Night's Watch deck, using some of the cards that have been quite popular in recent times. This deck is extremely versatile, competing very strongly in both and challenges, as well as potentially defending The Wall.

The original video was recorded at the end of last year, so we've had to make some changes to comply with the latest Restricted List. Since Satin can no longer be played in the same deck as Great Ranging, we had to find some way to replace him. I think including a few more Builder characters is probably the best option, to take full advantage of the search effect of Fresh Recruits. An additional copy of Spare Boot gives you a chance a finding a duplicate for him. And we also have two copies of Builder at the Wall, which should be quite easy to play as an extra chud in the same round that you search for it. Losing Satin is a big setback though, because he was the easiest way to stand Great Ranging and use it in more than one challenge each round.

If Night's Watch is a faction you enjoy, check out the video below.

The Friendly Council - Episode 8

As always, any comments or suggestions are more than welcome. :)

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