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Mischco 6

My deck I use to play against my friends and with success online. The new pods hinders the Mummer´s agenda for not being able to play Saltcliff sailor, so i added the Pyke, which occured many times as a key important location. In this deck characters often have stealth and pillage, renown and sometimes intimidate spread over.

to the cards in the deck: if you can, boost Vargo with Lucas protect balon with Kervin, Risen in hand and Sweetsleep (also good for lucas). Great cracken or Pyke can be a good choice for the Bran the builder if you already have balon.

In case the opponent wants to use Milks you have 3* Maester colemon who is really important. Often happens the Colemon himself is a target for one milk or sometimes for Nightmares, cause he has the super ability to move the Milks or Stranglers etc to opponent´s big dudes. In games with attachment control dont let him die at any cost. Bara qohor is a huge threat for combining kneeling with hand control. In matches against Bara a key is to put Mord with Colemon (as defense) as soon as possible into play (ideally setup) and blank Mellisandre in marshalling phase or challenge phase. So you still have some response even to this. Almost all the plots are low initiative so mord can blank some char every round except one. Another key char is stealing Balon. Armor him with Sweeetsleep and if protected against death he can be a real canon against the opponent. Play with the gold moving via Vargo and Lucas to give pillage to as many chars as you can, so if Balon is in play, you can then chose from among many options what to put into play from opponent´s deck. Happens sometimes your opponent gets to 10 - 11 powers on renown chars, you but still have no reason to resign you have many options to answer and in a single round it can be equal.

Burn decks: this deck has a solild edefense against burn: you can survive for at least two rounds without any jeopardy: wardens of the east (helps also against Starks Winter si comming) + pallace of sorrow + possibly stranger if you have all the jesters in play. still with balon you can pick an opponent´s char and attack with it instead of yours in the worst scenario. Again Mord + Colemon are a keyforce blanking drogon or khal etc. + you still have 2* Milk.

Against NW it can be sometimes difficult if not a single We do not sow is at hand, or if you cant win an unopposed or your we do sows are solved with Hands judgement or treachery. Then the only option is Lucas boosting the Seized by the guard on a Wall or Castle Black. So still your timing is crucial. Do not hesitate to place gold even on opponent´s chars for getting their keywords.

I was also playing with the idea of adding Florian and Jonquil but this setup is fror me personally better playable. But it can be a good adding chosing Mord or Colemon for fools to get more cards to play via the agenda and increasing their strenght, cause in many matches they can be key characters for defense. Use The father plot very visely: you can also discard a duplicate and prepare for valar, which is but really obvious to the opponent, from among your characters the good targets are Mord or Colemon or Lucas if Milked

Enjoy the deck and please let your comments below.

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