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Derry 126

This is the list I played in the latest Online Worlds. I basically took the winning formula Cas came up with a while ago (which he masterly adapted against different metas) and swapped a bunch of cards to my liking and making it a bit more responsive to jumper/321 decks. I found the deck to be very resilient and fun, although probably quite exhausting to pilot properly for a long tournament. I actually declined playing Martell for this one because it looked in a bad spot but then, the new RL appeared, which made me reshape the list a bit. I decided to stick to it since I had been practising for a while.

Link to the tournament:

Happy to discuss and share thoughts with whoever likes to try it. The MVP of games is usually Bronn (HMW)

I want to thank everyone who still makes this game a great experience, mostly organizing events and taking care of the community.

See y'all around.

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estupe 50


Cas 149

Great run, congrats! :)