Fuuuun! Real junk

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Raius 602

Just play Kingslayer, kill and use Mathis Rowan to hand it over to your opponent to get 2 gold and later on 2 powers! Opponent has no power? No worries "A Cask of Ale" and Ser Richard Horpe and The Starry Sept is here to help with that!

Also some other fun with Melisandre (FotS), Lady Stoneheart.

Your opponent will take some char? No worries, just use "A Cask of Ale" to put the power on it and take it back with Stormlands Fiefdom.

So many fun interactions :) Just enjoy some real junk!

6 comentarios

Floydos 59

Kingslayer, my man! Fun is even, when you give control of Kingslayer to an opponent, use the Daring Rescue and voila, 3 power total... :)

YuleOoze 234

More Goldengrove madness... :D

Raius 602

Goldengrove here is just great hall and Bronn. It's some value, no doubt, but nothing I would call Madness :) It serve the purpose it was built for in this deck, I would say :) To use Mathis Rowan

footlong 200

This is wild!

mak 318

WTH is that 🤣.

Floydos 59

@makA deck, and a good one :)