Stahleck top 8: Night's watch - Banner kraken Choke

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Serwus 111

15 comentarios

Serwus 111

I have been playing this dack for quite some time, with small gradual changes. The last and biggest one was the removal of Naval superiority in favour of Bran the builder. Instead of relying on the mind game with Naval and opening (most commonly) with The Father, BtB allowed the deck to have reasonable combination of gold and reserves, while also allowing for a potential search for either more economy or the chokimg locations.

Derry 126

congratulations for your amazing run. Impresive deck and execution

siegeszug 310

Thank you very much for sharing your idea

Normie 8

Why 2 Sweetrobins? I'm super confused by that

Serwus 111

@Normie it is a character that can help immensly against some of the more common openers (mainly opponent's Bran the Builder), but his usefulness tends to drop of later.

So the two copies are there for an increased chance of an early game annoyance.

At later stages, he is still providing a cheap unique for The father, a power icon (look at the icon spread) and the second copy sometimes allows for a save, to keep some more board presence after resets.

The second copy is probably the first card to go if I make any further changes, but for now he earned his spot.

Odrl 1193

That's just about the most unbeatable deck I've ever faced. Congratulations. :) I was hoping you would win it, but maybe next time. :)

mak 308

Congrats for bringing choke to Worlds!

Normie 8

@Serwus Interesting thanks for the insight.

Req 6

Wow, for risking choke to such a big tournament you either have to be very crazy or very brave. I suggest the second! Congratulations, you probably deserved the final win for your impressive run!

Harren 524

Congratulations man! Impressive run. As a choke fan I have to say that this deck is awesome. Did you use Zollo at all?

Serwus 111

@Harren I did once, against a core Tyrion. But that was far from a game winning moment, if I remember the game correctly. I just knew he would need go during the next reset anyway. Usually he is 'only' a slightly undercosted unique, with the arguably most important icon. He repleced an Old forest hunter when I included BtB, since the economy stabilised with that change.

lennart-ip 761

Great and ballsy Deck, lovely player, handsome beard and a lot of trashtalk ... What more could you ask for? Congrats!

LordP 56

Shaping this choke deck to the perfection for a while and proved worth indeed. 😉 Congrats again for an amazing run! 🙂

Dave007 1

What about Lordsport Shipwright in the deck?

Lirania 1

Could I get your discord I have a Deck idea that would work well with you Deck and I would like to seek a bit advise if possible?