No attachments except Weapon -2023 China National 1st place

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jingzhiaiming 59

Hi, Here is the NW deck that I build for 2023 China National. I think it's the most imaginative and crazy deck I have ever built. I’m really excited and happy to be able to use this deck to win the 1st plase.

First, forgive my poor English,if there are any parts that are difficult to understand, please let me know in comments and I will answer when see them.

CoreDonal Noye

If there are powerful weapons in the hand, it can maximize the benefits of Free Companies and help us win challenge easier. Only when I win challenge,can I better defend The Wall (Core).


In the current environment in China, there are many decks with lot’s of operations in challenge.This weapon is very effective against these decks. For Tyrell,you can call 2 for The Bounty of Highgarden 3 for Hightower Spy 4 for Hightower Knight 6 for Ser Robert Strong For Targaryen,you can call 0,1,2 for most events like The Field of Fire Dracarys! Our Word Is Good as Gold 4 for Aegon Targaryen (TSC) Tyrion Lannister (JS) For Baratheon, 1 for Seen In Flames Traitor to the Crown 3 for Shadow Priestess For Greyjoy, 1 for We Do Not Sow 2 for Warship

But please note that the effect of Defensive Debris is both to opponent and you

Can use Spare Boot to kill 2 characters in one round. Castle Black (BtB)can stand character next turn so Catapult on the Wall can be used again

Shadow is too expensive but with Donal Noye just one gold is needed.The dagger that jumps out in challenge is always very difficult to defend against in advance for opponent.


No attachments except Weapon for 21 characters

Chinese evironments are always full of Milk of the Poppy

counter Traitor to the Crown

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Derry 134

congratulations, what a beautiful deck

Lirania 1

Thanks for uploading this beauty!

SonOfBattles1 436

This is fantastic. I've never seen a Donal Noye deck! The Iron Throne (LMHR) is an incredibly powerful card and until now, I had no idea Defensive Debris existed and had a similar effect. Great insight and great result. Congrats!