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Superduck 107

Hi all,

It is an honour to win the game. It is a fantastic journey and have seen many nice decks. Thank you all.

This WB Tyrell is the deck I use for many times. TBH many players think it is boring, but I am quite familiar with this playstyle and update the building of the deck for many times. It also need skills and some important judgment. Hope you enjoy!

Some important changes:

  • Return to the Fields (R) and The King in the North (R): I would like to take Return to the Fileds instead but I also like The King in the North very much. So I choose to replace Valar Dohaeris in the end. It takes a very big risk not to bring any reset plot. However, Valar Dohaeris harms ourselves seriously in 90% games. Meanwhile, many decks contain multiple resets. So I choose to take the risk. BTW, this is the first deck I ever have without any reset! Thanks to Lyn, a great try.

Tournament review:

Swiss round 1 vs KoHH Martel - Win: Good match-up for me. Nightmare for Last giant and Varys.

Swiss round 2 vs Tyrell Stag - Win: Too many locations without dupes. It hamrs a lot during PD plot.

Swiss round 3 vs Featly Barathon - Win: very hard match-up. I was Lucky to have milk on Robert all the time.

Swiss round 4 vs The Faith Militant Martel - Win: It is a nice deck. I have multiple renown knights with Queen and rush quickly.

Swiss round 5 vs Alliance Lannister (Kraken and Qohor)- Loss: A very nice deck that runs very fast. T1 get Theon and multiple cats, including Renown and 3 uo even standing all the time. T2 I have Margary and RobertStrong but broke by Treachery.

Swiss round 6 vs The Conclave Lannister - Win: I was harmed a lot in the beginning by Casterly Rock (Core) and Small Council Chamber. The king in the North helps me get through the hard round.

Top 16 vs Tyrell Stag - Win: Similar with Swiss round. The Iron Throne (LMHR) prevents The Iron Throne (Core) all the time.

Top 8 vs. MFG Lannister - Win: Very surprised to face Marched to the Wall when I have no character during setup. However, Xelcor made some mistakes and do not have stealth all the time.

Top 4 vs. Prince GJ - Win: DGs is very great and hard to deal with. A serious mistake in round 2, he did not search for Tarle the Thrice-Drowned (TFM) and next round I have The Iron Throne (LMHR). He is a new player and did very well this tournaent. Good luck next time!

Top 2 vs. Shadow Tyrell - Win: The deck is very great with We Light the Way. However it is a good match-up for me since I have Political Disaster and The King in the North (R) and my opponent may waiting for my reset. I am leading all the time. During last plot I reveal A Tourney for the King with 11 pows. During challenge I have 3 knights with Ser Robert Strong in shadow. All in pow and Rightwaydown may forget the ability of Ser Jaime Lannister (BtB) and sacrifice Shrewd Diplomat. It is a great match!

Hope you enjoy! Thank you all my friends. Cya till next time!

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Congratulations! :-)

Rightwaydown 61

Really well played and a great deck. Bold choice not to run a wipe that paid off great.

Magnus 121

Congrats again mate! I was sent out of CoW because of Lyn's "no reset" plotline earlier :D Decks got another character with a slightly limited Marge reaction in the new Arys as well, which have made up for the slight nerf from the last RL I guess :) Superbly piloted world champ! <3

teamjimby 1987

Congratulations and will played!

Yusei 1

u let Tyrell facing nerf again :(

Derry 134


wolfbian 36

no valar, cool