Bara / Lanni Power Rush

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Bara / Lanni Tim's version 0 0 1 2.0

scantrell24 3231

Get to 15 before your opponent suspects

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Fruggles 101

Well shit steve-o. I was building this same deck - thoughts on using gold cloaks? seems like a decent way to save/win some challenges out of nowhere - I wasn't sold on 3x bastard, for one thing...

Barnie25 222

Isn't a rush build more suitable for a Banner of the Rose deck? You get two renown characters with good support, also I think that every rush build should play The Hands Judgement so that to you have Tears of Lys protection.

scantrell24 3231

Fruggles, the Bastard took precedence over Gold Cloaks for setup reasons mostly. I might do -1 Bastard +1 Cloak and see how that plays.

Barnie25, yes, Greyjoy + Banner of the Rose is probably the best rush deck right now, but I wanted to try something different and see how it performed. Robert and Joffrey together seemed like it had potential.

Malvolio 2

I agree with scantrell24 about the Goldcloaks. Many people love them, but getting them during setup kinda sucks, and setup otherwise should be one of main selling points of smaller cheaper characters.