Barbarians, Vikings & Dragons... oh my!

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Old Gods & The New 591

This is entirely untested, I'm just 'theorycrafting' as the kids call it these days.

There seems to be a bit of a fuss around the Drogo/Jaime combination at the moment. My group discussed that aside from Banner of the Lion the most interesting faction to partner with Targaryen was probably Greyjoy. We've been having a lot of success bringing this sort of Stealth package into Stark and it could fit neatly into a Khal Drogo deck as well.

Asha stands to allow you to launch multiple military, and Drogo's double attacks are part of driving home the lock that I get out of Stark with Winter Is Coming.

I've still got Dany in here though she's not really an integral part of the deck - life gets better when she's around, though.

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