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Vikingfreek 120

Went 7-0 at a 24 player store championship in Columbus, Ohio. Round 1 Baratheon/ Kraken Round 2 Baratheon/ Fealty Round 3 Lannister/ Wolf Round 4 Tyrell/ Fealty Round 5 Lannister/ Sun Semifinals Tyrell/ Fealty Finals Tyrell/ Fealty

Overall got very quick wins with this deck. The point of the deck is to open Wardens if you have Tyrion/ Cersei/ Tywin in your setup or opening hand and go very aggressive for your intrigue. The point is to have your opponent top decking by round 2/3. After you destroy their hand in the first plot or second plot you play heads on spike to keep their hand down. There is a lot of janky methods to kill characters from their hand with crone, Tickler, Gregor, and heads on spike, but it is really just there for hand control and pushing through your challenges. Lots of removal and renown in the deck means you don't have to try for the dead pile combos, they are just there in case you get them set up.

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AceRimmer 1

Congrats on your win! What are your feelings about handmaids in your deck?

magikot 33

This is one of the most fun Lani decks I've played in a while. Marshaling Cersei, Crone, and Casterly Rock. Play Wardens and marshal Tyrion. Laugh as you rip 7 cards from your opponent's hand turn 1. And kill their strongest character.

eldub 2

Submit to The White Book? www.whitebookpodcast.com

Vikingfreek 120

I tested handmaiden and overall it is unlikely you will see her with cersei. The crone works much better as she has a better str, along with added fun of being able to kill someone without them hitting the table. It is a good feeling when they are top decking and they are drawing cards that are already in the dead pile. I'm glad you had fun with it magikot! I also did submit it to the whitebook as well.

samuellinde 7

This looks utterly insane! What a brilliant idea, I've been toying with the idea of maximizing hand destruction in Lanni with double Heads on Spikes, but bannering with for the crone is pure evil. :-) Congrats on your win!

nanozach 1

Any comment on picking the dragons vs the 1 cost reducers from targ? You can't argue with 7-0 at a SC, but it seems like you would get better setups with the 1 drops.

Vikingfreek 120

Hey guys thanks for the love. :) Nanozach the setups in this deck are actually very good, usually always hitting 4 at a min, but potentially 5-7 with good draw. The idea of the deck is to hit really hard right from the get go and the targ reducers don't really fit into that idea, plus they will only be reducing 2 cost characters, which seems not all that important. The dragons provide very solid bodies for their cost, and rheagal helps with the int focus in the beginning of the game along with jorah and crone for very cheap cost. I suppose they could be swapped out but with all the locations and low cost curve, the setups are very good already. It is also heartbreaking to draw into all of those reducers in the middle of the game when drawing a dragon would be much better for your board state.

Ric87 1

Hi there,

I'm trying a very similar deck (switched jaime and pycell for syrio and unsullied) and I've found very difficult to control power challenges..how do you managed this issue?

Vikingfreek 120

Typically with all the removal in the deck you can kill off the issues with the power challenges. Tywin is usually the go to guy for your power challenge, but Ceresei, Tyrion, and the Hound are very beefy as well. Ideally they should have such a small board that it is isn't an issue, but with the renown from Tywin, Jorah, Jaime, and Gregore you can simply power rush through them alone, as well as free unopposed when they have no hand and you do an intrigue challenge.

Avelfaltazi 1

Are considering now to make space for red cloak ? Would you change anything with FSoW ?