Yorens and Florents

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This is a janky deck I put together to try to use my NW and Tyrell cards to good effect. It's "inspired" by the NW/Kraken deck that clears the board and steals the opponent's characters, but tries to use Tyrell and House Florent Knight in place of GJ. It's fared ok in testing so far, and I would welcome suggestions/criticism.

A few key interactions and justifications:

Yoren + House Florent Knight (HFK): This is the primary combo of the deck. Use HFK to discard a nice target for Yoren to grab.

Ghost/Stonesnake/Old Bear's Raven: Because I took out the GJ cards, I needed other stealth characters to take their place in order to push the military pressure.

Left/Right: HFK discards the lowest strength characters, so I wanted chuds with high strength (preferably STR 3 minimum). When both Left and Right are out, they hit the 3 STR threshold. They also can be duped to stick around after First Snow/Varys.

The Bear and the Maiden Fair: I'm not sold on this event, but the theory is that I can use it on my opponent's deck to deny them characters after I Varys/push military claim. I can also feed them copies of low cost uniques that I've stolen with Yoren.

Put to the Sword: Tough choice between PttS and Tears. Going with PttS right now because I don't have a ton of intrigue icons and with Lanni/Martell everywhere, it can be difficult to find targets or pull off a Tears.

A Song of Summer: Combos with HFK to hit higher STR characters.

Fallen from Favor: Sacrifice Yoren to be able to play another copy, or sacrifice a low STR reducer in order to be able to target a higher STR character on your opponent's side with HFK.

Marched to the Wall: Keeps boards small and gets characters into your opponent's discard pile. Also clears out low STR chud on both sides to allow HFK to hit higher value targets.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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