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Targ/Lion w/Mirri (Dallas Regional First Place Deck ) 79 59 58 1.0
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krockel 182

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scantrell24 3239

Congrats on the top 4. How'd you like Ranger's Cache? No Magister Illyrio or Waking the Dragon to combat Bara kneel or get double use from Mirri?

krockel 182

@scantrell24 Ranger´s Cache was solid. Draw when needed and opportunity to play plot according to what you drow, or gold for getting out something big next turn. Getting Mirri out is tricky. Sure I got Trading but Calling was often not enough, good players are playing around giving you a good calling. I wasn´t expecting to much Bara so I played LF instead of Illyrio, which I was happy with. Waking was in the running as well. Standing Mirri is such a tempo hit if you don´t have the dupe though.

raekob 229

Solna meta!

MargareyWillHaveMyBabies! 1

Oh look the same Lion banner suite.................

hagarrr 579

@TheBrokenMeeple wow you're rude!

Tova 2

Interesting deck. What's behind the decision to not include Daenerys Targaryen?

Necrophiliach 1

Would you do any changes with inclusion of true steel? Going to a unknown field, do you think Illyrio is better than Littlefinger?