SoCal Regional Winner 8-0-1 (52 Players)

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Lanni kraken 2nd local 20p 3 1 0 1.0

Bronson 117

My decklist from the Montclair, California regional that took place on 6/11/16. Field of 52.

  1. Rd 1 Stark Fealty
  2. Rd 2 Tyrell Kraken
  3. Rd 3 Lanni Crossing
  4. Rd 4 Bara Fealty
  5. Rd 5 Martell Lion (actual draw - 10 power each)
  6. Rd 6 Martell Lion
  7. Qtrfinals Bara Fealty
  8. Semifinals Greyjoy Dragon
  9. Finals Martell Lion

Tournament report here:

Special thanks to those before me who made this House/Agenda popular (Brotherhood Without Manners I believe initially and then others who added to its notoriety). I built a different version for testing at Kublacon memorial day weekend and after kicking butt in practice I ended up piloting it to a 3-3 record on the day. No big surprises--main changes were putting both Summons and Coppers for draw (instead of just coppers), dropping pentoshi, the triple treachery and milk for Varys/Mirri/etc, and dialing in the combination of littlefinger/syrio/rattleshirt's/gregor. I also considered the Dragon banner, which is better against kneel, but I believe this version with shipwrights and NML would be better against Martell, which I faced 3 times in my last 5 games.

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Ryan Jones 173

Beast! You're the man, James!

Maximus 100

I second what RJ says. Great job finishing at the top of the most competitive regional so far (Cali bias I'm sure).

im_pressed 53

Best deck around, or just the best player? Maybe both? Congrats on the win.

Veknus 2

Out of curiosity? what are the 1st two plots you would run in general? I am only asking due to learning different play styles to different factions around the globe...(in the pacific)

supercuts 152

James, happy to see you take it down - well done! -Seth

tonythetiger891 55

Glad that you won it after beating me round 1! Learned a lot from this crazy regional.

Bronson 117

@VeknusNo problem! Not really an easy answer there as the plot deck provides some strong versatility. If I didn't run Marched to the Wall to punish a one char setup by my opponent it really depended on 1) the strength of my setup, 2) my opponent's setup, 3) the cards I draw up into and 4) the matchup. Opponent has a strong setup and I have a poor setup? Definitely want to make sure I dodge Naval Superiority and open with Calm Over Westeros. Strong setup on my end and poor setup on their end? Either Summons or A Noble Cause depending on whether or not I drew up into Tywin. That scenario is also interesting because I can often afford Tywin if they have a slow start and open with Pentoshi. Counting Coppers and Calling the Banners are really the only ones I would never play first.

@Ryan Jones, @Maximus Haha thanks guys!

@im_pressed Probably neither?! Haha. Thanks and congrats again to you for the awesome body of work you're putting together this season. #mamtap

@supercuts Seth! Great to hear from you! Thanks for the kind words. Hope to see you again at Worlds... we need to come up with an actor mashup for me this time around! Maybe I'm the lovechild of Keanu Reeves and John Goodman? Hahaha :)

Bronson 117

@tonythetiger891Thank you! A pleasure meeting you and glad you were able to connect with someone else in Vegas. Let's have a tournament (regional or not!) out there some time! Hopefully FFG will get the picture though. Hehe

Req 1

Was Cersei's Wheelhouse useful? Would you remove it to add a Roseroad for better economy? Drawing is clearly better than one gold, but in 1 copy you risk not to see it much or, worst, to see it probably mid-late game, where it's not useful as it should be. You also have only 2 plots (maybe 3) which let you to still win the initiative, so you risk to play it and not to use it. I like to discuss about this card because I find it very controversial and still don't know if to play it.

Bronson 117

@Req That was definitely the 61st card added the morning of... I can understand the hesitance! Here's why I went with it:

  • I expected to see more Martell (and to a lesser extent Bara) than Greyjoy
  • This Kraken build loves to go first so it reinforces that strategy if I ever do win initiative (PTTS/raiding longship/shipwrights etc)
  • Ryan Jones had success with running a single copy at KublaCon (42 players)
  • Deck has limited card draw with Pycelle and 2 plots so I liked this better than Lannisport, which was another bubble card (even if wheelhouse isn't reliable)

To answer your questions... yes it was useful and although just one copy I saw it often on the day. I remember having to take an extra moment in the plot phase to think all the way through to challenges to determine if I really needed the extra gold or the extra card. Seemed about 50/50. It's nice to have that flexibility.

If I didn't expect to see a lot of Martell I could see a strong argument for running that 3rd Roseroad.

Oh and the tourney report is now up although there's not much reference to the Wheelhouse:

Req 1

Thank you for your kind answer :)