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Dydra 1467

This is the next level of an already pretty strong deck. I’m releasing it now, because already we know the Bara, NW and Neutral spoilers(basically all the cards you could include in this deck). The more time people have to play with it, the more it will get refined.

The Changes

The Big addition here is Support of the People. Make no mistake, this card is strong and it makes this deck so much stronger.

If you wonder “Why?”, well to put it simple, you fetch your missing buildings (without any restriction of top 10 like Building Orders), while utilizing a deck that is already full of POW chars ( 19!!) in a POW strong faction (“Hello, greetings from The Red Keep”).

King Robert’s Warhammer is card which many people claim is “broken”, but in reality it’s more of a “I’m winning, gonna win some more” card, rather than something that will pull you back into play and out of a tough situation. Still, non the less, it has a great synergy with Stannis and Robert and your other kneel effects, so it will definitely contribute.

Another card that I’d strongly consider is The Watch Has Need, because it will allow you to fetchyour NW crew. Especially Veteran Builder, Benjen Stark those sacs worth 2 points each. I’d go 2-3 replacing some doubles like Aemon. However, this will need some incorporation of Counting Coppers though.

I’m sure this will bring another level of pain and need of a building destruction cards.

Enjoy Dydra

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Sigismondgalwyn 1

How do you use Veteran Builder ? First, I though it was to use the Wall twice but I learned this was not possible since The Wall is an interrupt and Veteran Builder is an action. Thanks

Dydra 1467

One has nothing to do with the other. :)

You make the Interrupt in response to the opponent winning an unopposed challenge.

You stand the wall with a Veteran Builder sac after all challenges are done and the opponent can’t make any more unopposed challenges.

Therfore the Wall is standing at the end of challenge phase = you gain 2 power.

Also when you have the Red Keep out, it’s a 6-7 power ( with Wall is 7 ) icon for 3 cost …. pretty good value in this deck :)

TheDiddler 1

This deck is crazy in its simplicity. I have played multiple games now where having Iron Throne and Chamber in the late game plus sitting back and holding my gold to win Dominance has won me the game.

The Support of the People is remarkable.

The only thing I’ve noted is a lack of card draw. A lot of times the Red Keep just doesn’t see play and I run out of cards, sitting with no hand. Fortunately, in a few of those games the tactic above worked quite well to put me over.

Have you thought about Street of the Sisters? Why or why not? What would you remove to add it?

Dydra 1467

@Shi-Tien Yen-Wang Street of the Sisters is alright in this deck, due to The Red Keep and the overall icons in Bara. However, it’s very tight fight for card slots. It would be hard for me to consider for more than 1x of Street of the Sisters and that would mean that I have to be counting on Support of the People to get it out.

I’d cut either Consolidation of Power or King Robert’s Warhammer for the 1 ( max 2 ) Street of the Sisters. Depends on which I find working out for me.