Unlimited Blade Works (TOP 16 Regional Genova 47 players)

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NerferNazgul 227

It's funny deck, the strategy is to overkill from the first 4 plots to clear the opponent board every turn, a bit instable but very funny. If you start right, your overkill is faster than Lannyster/Winter Deck, because you win easly initiative thanks to plot like Sneak Attack, could be risky becouse you can do only one challange in that turn, and plot like A game of thrones or Calm over westeros block you as hell, like event as Vengence for Elia, (actually there aren't very much decks in Italian meta because control (Catelyn and Winterfell) block theyr trigger to much), and also there isn't to much A game of thrones or calm over westeros, because A game of thrones is a plot very strong for , play it is kinda risky in this meta where there are so much , can be a dead plot or you risk to advantage opponent if it's the last plot to turn. For calm over westeros is a good plot, but actually isn't very used because player, if they have slot in the plot deck, prefer insert Winter plot for trigger effect with Winterfell.

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akenathon80 1

oh my god...this deck is insane, only a pro can play it in a tournament it works only if you drink a lot stroth it's a cancer deck it's all NO SENSE congratulations for the results did you win the stark's playmat too? shame

Norua 31

What's a fucking mid-range-aggro-tech-tricky deck is it ?!?!?! Danger! Danger! Danger!

Bronson 117

I love this deck and have run something similar, though never in a tourney (SoCal loves Martell too much). Good job! And special shout out to the pair of Lordsport Shipwrights holding it down for intrigue! In my non-tourney version I threw in Marching Orders just to get some use out of it for once because you can play an expensive dude then use the Raider from Pyke to Ambush in a weapon haha. Not saying it's the right way to go though. Anyway glad to see you crack the t16!

jaquen 50

Great result pal, gratz!

Danedov 14

Great deck, i tested against a lot of decks, fast, funny and unseen tricks, lack of stability like every "all-in" strats Really really funny :)!!

Acudogon 1

why put one Rickon? According to your experience, are there too few characters or is the deck lack of draw?

Acudogon 1

It is really a great deck. How did you lose?

Danedov 14

@Acudogonit's a fun deck, not a Tier S deck :P

NerferNazgul 227

@Acudogon27 characters are few, but i'm really narrow about slot, because i need to play a lot of events, i need to play a lot of attachments and locations, i saw a lot of baratheon with 28 characters go well (Baratheon controll board with kneel, my deck controll board with removals), so i think it could it work, considering i play 2x ward, so in extreamly case i make opponent board smaller, and i get 1 character, so is like to play with 29 characters.

In that tournament, i lost 2 game in swiss:

  • 1 vs Baratheon vessil of the rose where i didn't saw anymore characters after Asha who was tapped from the begin by Melisandre and i didn't saw remuval;
  • 1 vs Greyjoy Felty who saw 1 Risen from the sea and 1 Iron Mines in the First turn and in the same turn used Support of the people for search and put in game another Iron Mines, when i started to controll board very well, it was too late, he got too many power points and won the game.

    I lost the first game in top vs Targa Felty, because he saw better cards than me: he did Crown at t1 on my double Asha, saw 2 dracarys, 2x Fire and blood who is very strong vs my deck who try to controll board with overkill, and 1 blood ritual, and i didn't saw Bran, so it was close.

In general, this deck is weak as hell from Vengence for Elia for obvius reason Areo Hotah who can stop my military, Tears of Lys because i haven't Intrigue, Game of Thrones for the same reason of Tears of Lys, Calm over Westeros who make my overkill smaller, For The Watch! who can block me an entire turn if i played Sneak Attack, Kneel of Baratheon who can controll very well my Characters (who aren't very much those who make me won military easly) and lategame in general, where my opponent resist over my 4 plot with claim 2 with more than 3 Characters, because after those plot i start to go slower, because the claim is 1, you start to go near to topdeck because probably you lost 1 intrigue at turn, and so you start to don't controll anymore board as you want, but don't despair, the game could be anyway win, but became very more difficoult.

In that case you have two option: Or you try to win faster than you can; Or try to resist untill the plotdeck reset, but in that case you must arrive there with enough strong character for pass your military, in that case, you restart with strong remouval for controll opponent's board.

Sorry for the very long answer, but i hope i was helpful ^^