Spanish Nationals Top 4 and 1st of the Swiss 68p

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Manuel Cabezalí 440

This is the deck I played in the spanish national today. The tournament has been great and really fun, thanks to all the guys who organized it.

I managed to go undefeated during the 6 rounds of swiss:

1st round vs Stark Fealty (W) 2nd round vs Greyjoy Banner of the Dragon (W) 3rd round vs Stark Fealty (W) 4th round vs Greyjoy Fealty (W) 5th round vs Lannister Fealty (W) 6th round vs Targaryen Banner of the Lion (W)

Then the top matches were:

top 16 vs Stark Fealty (W) top 8 vs Lannister Fealty (W) top 4 vs Tyrell Banner of the Lion (L)

We also played a small final just for fun, too, and I won, so I can say I have a bronze medal :) (against Martell Fealty)

The deck is more or less your typical Stark Fealty, but changing Core Cat to WotN Cat. I know probably Core Cat is more "solid" but I liked the pseudo rush I could get from Fat Cat, and she really won me a lot of games through the day. Plus, I've played Core Cat a lot and I felt like I needed a change :)

The deck is extra-defensive, and is built around the idea of not letting your worst opponent's threats go trhough, while you build up your table and later go for the win with your renown. Catelyn helped achieving this goal, and when building the deck I made sure I had some other safety cards to compensate for the lack of core Cat (3x bodyguard, x2 Jory Cassell...) I didn't include some of the other rush cards from the pack, mostly because in my previous playtesting with the deck, some very aggresive decks would just destroy my board at the beginning of the game, and in those games what I wanted to see were the bodyguards and the nightmares/milks, and not the Riverrun Minstrels and Riverruns.

Catelyn gives you some speed when you need it, and makes your opponent think twice before attacking you in military or simply killing one of your characters. She's very pivotal to the deck, hence the Arya's Gift x2, so you make sure she doesn't get milked.

Overall I had a really good time playing the deck, and I'm very happy with my overall perfomance, ending with a nice 9-1 trhough the whole event. I am a very devoted Stark Player (been playing exclusively Starks in tournaments since 2013) and every good result with them is very good news for me :)

I also had a bit of time to watch the final between Adkadi (Night's Watch KoW) and Pepín (Tyrell Banner of the Lion) and man, that was a great game. They went to 9 plots, finishing 15-14, with both of them having very few characters on the board after several resets.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to ask any questions!


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jaquen 44

No questions, just congrats to you for another great result!

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@jaquenThanks a lot mate!

Laplante 195

@Manuel Cabezalí: Gratz mate ! Your list remind me of something, really nice additions and tweaks to update it, i'm really pleased to see someone else play WotN Cat !

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@LaplanteThanks a lot mate! I really had to push the defensive aspect of the deck, this game is so aggro nowadays. I'm really curious to see if Fat Cat will still be worth it after Valar comes out...

Beornd 1

A solid Stark deck with a small suprise but a really great player who drive the car. I see he met so many challanges in different card games. Cheers Bernd (Meccg)

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@BeorndHey Bernd! So nice knowing from you :) Hope to see you in the gaming tables anytime soon! Best wishes from Spain :)

DavidDAVE 1

Aryas gift was totally awesome, and gave you against me enought time (just one round) to prevent me from killing your Cat. Bravo!

Manuel Cabezalí 440

@DavidDAVENobody touches my Cat! ;) Always a pleasure to play with you Dave! Congrats on your top 4 too!