The night watches you kneel

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Bronze 60

There shouldn’t be a need for 3 Selyse, and definitely not 3 Old Bear.

teamjimby 1842

I was thinking the same thing about Selyse. Her ability is useless, so I assume you are just using her for Mel’s trigger. Pretty much your whole Bara package is for Mel, but a single Milk takes her out of the game with no Confiscation or Maester Cressen.

Some other additions you might consider are: - Iron Throne - to combo with Painted Table - a 3rd Maester Aemon - he’s a beast - 2 more Stewards at the Wall - NW economy is poor

How has Take the Black worked out for you? IMO there aren’t enough target to count on it. Maybe 1x max.

Theobald_RyanStockholm 8

@Bronze @teamjimby Thanks for the comments, they’re very helpful. I’ve been working on improving the deck and have made a new version here:

I’m new to thronesdb and I didn’t mean to make a whole new version, but that’s what I did. I realized that Old Bear Mormont was too expensive so I took him out. You were right about Selyse, she’s not useful to the deck other than triggering for Melisandre. I took her out and used the suggestion to add Maester Cressen.

Take the Black hasn’t been that useful, maybe used it once, because it is expensive and you have to have the timing of extra money and an available target. I may take it out and replace it with The Iron Throne, though I have the Fiery Followers there to help win dominance.