Martell Rains - 1st / 2nd GNK Tourney (Singapore)

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Oxymoronica 126

Took this to a small GNK Tourney over the weekend (20 players iirc)

Round 1: Stark Fealty (W) Round 2: Stark Fealty (W) Round 3: Bara Fealty (W) Top 4: Greyjoy Fealty (W) Top 2: Same Bara Fealty (Didn't play as we settled it like Gentlemen)

Near-exact copy of brainu's list from Paris with the exception of removing 1 Maester Caleotte and 1 Tyene Sand for 1 Dawn and 1 Venomous Blade. Reason being Dawn helps Jaquen H'ghar push through more challenges - so Opp either devotes more chars to blocking him and leaves your other challenges easier; OR you can equip it on the many House Dayne characters and threaten intimidate which helps with some challenges where you need to win by 5. (Spearmaiden, Put to the Torch)

Plot-wise, I took out A Game of Thrones and Calling the Banners because the former wasn't that impactful and the latter was counter-productive to the number of consistent kill the deck can pull off. Varys's Riddle was a clutch when opponent had Valar with dupes and you can just copy it; and Political Disaster was key in the Bara / Control matchup. Even better if Opp was a NW player!

Venomous Blade was gold all day - whether it was killing a Bran Stark or a chud during Marshalling, it basically helped reduce their board where Opp was forced to claim key characters or make less optimal claims.

Contrary to many comments I have read about this deck - you rarely got to do the Long-Plan into Valar play as often as you'd like (or maybe I'm playing the deck wrong?), but the threat of it was still scary enough that opponents would over commit often.

Martell has many directions of attack and as a control-house that's a good place to be. (As opposed to NW which just seeks to minimize challenges and their resultant effects). This deck is definitely difficult to play, and knowing how the Opp's deck's possible Outs is definitely important to piloting this deck efficiently. (eg. which char AND when to bounce via Ghaston etc.)

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Thelonius 1

I've read both your list and the other inspiring you... I tried yours, but I do not feel confident without Hand's Judgement and/or Nightmare. Do you think the deck can afford 2 less Viper's Eyes?

Oxymoronica 126

@Theloniusactually tested this with an excellent Targ player and got wiped thanks to the many events that Targ runs. I think Hand's Judgement definitely has a place, but I would rather remove 1x Starfall and 1x Spearmaiden in that matchup. The Viper's Eyes are definitely necessary against Houses like Greyjoy to slow them down.

Lohn 25

Old but...ambush is only challenge phase