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Targ: LotC - Springfield SC 2017 Winner 17 13 20 1.0
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Arjay88 197

This is my updated list from the one I took to the Springfield, MO Store Championship.

The presence of "Tinder" Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) creates a game warping problem for The Lord of the Crossing, because you are shoehorned into making three challenges. Since I've noticed this, I have reverted back to Fealty, for the safer challenge flexibility and economy boost.

Slaver's Bay Port is stupid good. I've seen an 8 gold Counting Coppers turn because of Port and I dropped The Roseroad (gasp!) because Roseroad is a delayed investment, while Illyrio's Estate is an immediate gain. Combined with Fealty you pay 1 gold for Port, and it immediately kneels to give you gold, and while Port is online you gain 2 gold per Port (which is why started playing Beggar King). My econ package is 3 Slaver's Bay Port, 3 The Kingsroad, 3 Beggar King, and 3 Illyrio's Estate. In my opinion, can equal and even surpass in the economy department, which is saying something.

Regarding Ghiscari Elite, lets examine the ideal recycle engine: Pyat Pree and Shadowblack Lane to search for events/attachments and Isle of Ravens and Ghiscari Elite to recycle them. Both Isle of Ravens and Shadowblack shuffle your deck so Ghiscari Elite essentially reads: "When knelt, shuffle Dracarys! back into your deck." I feel Ghiscari Elite is a staple 1x with awesome Str and / icons.

I'm still experimenting with some cards, but I feel got a solid boost from this pack and I am really excited for Grey Worm and Astapor coming down the pipe.

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zack 126

Thanks for sharing this!

Arjay88 197

@zackmy pleasure! Feel free to throw up questions and or discussion. I love talking shop.

Gabegabe 224

Hey I played this last night! Good stuff :)

sdrewthomson 1

Do you plan to take anything out for Plaza of Pride?

Connan 1

Tested this build today. Went 1-1 against a Bara/Sun bastards deck. Astonishing how the economy worked out. I could almost always play the cards I needed. My loss was more because of my draw than anything else. The win match I cleared his board and he drew few and/or expensive characters that I could kill of before they got any effect on the game. But he had a heavy location set up so the power ticked in for him all the time anyway :) I like your deck a lot and will try it out some more and see what I can learn from it. Trying to get back in the game.

zack 126

So, after some play testing, i love it, but i feel this deck really could use a Valar Morghulis. Not only it fuels Slaver's Bay Port, but it will also help in restarting in those cases where you don't manage to apply early pressure, for whatever reason. What to replace in the plot line to put it in is up to discussion, but my first attempt would be Famine, that might be just a "win more" in many cases, but I'm open to other suggestions. Maybe Varys's Riddle, if you're very confident in other source of economy.

Also, I really like to run 3x Fire and Blood, and that would be even more important if Valar Morghulis gets in. What to replace for it? My first tentative would be Shadowblack Lane as I feel there's already enough tutoring/recycling without it.

What do you think?