Best Baratheon - Batalla 2017 - 6th in swiss (7-1) Top.32

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2nd Place Cologne Regional 2017 - 29 Players (7th in Swiss) 12 8 4 1.0
Baratheon 0 0 0 1.0

Manfre 477

I choose an old style kind of Baratheon deck to try to face both controll deck and rush deck.

It's a kind of midrange style of play, I dont like extreme deck, I prefer to always have a plan B. If you can not win with the characters, you can always try with the combination The Iron Throne + Chamber of the Painted Table.

Why the old Stannis Baratheon (Core)? Is cheaper than the new one and can lock the board against a rush deck (Tyrrel or Greyjoy).

I love the plot deck because you can always find the card you need at the right time, that's why I prefer Fealty than Kings of Summer, you're not forced to play the summer plots.

Here my match in Madrid:

1st. match: W vs. Baratheon banner of the Rose

2nd. match: W vs. Tyrrel banner of the Watch

3rd. match: W vs. Greyjoy Kings of Summer

4th. match: W vs. Targaryen Kings of Summer

5th. match: L vs. Lannister banner of the Wolf

6th. match: W vs. Tyrrel Rains of Castamere

7th. match: W vs. Greyjoy Rains of Castamere

8th. match: W vs. Night's Watch banner of the Wolf

Top.32 match: L vs. Lannister Rains of Castamere

Thanks to all my opponent and congratulations to the Winner! I want to make a special thanks and make my most sincere congratulations to all Italians who participated. Thanks guys you were fantastic!

See you soon in the next tourney!_

4 comentarios

Morduk95 22

Grande Manfre!!!

servetz 30

"Nella vita ci sono solo due certezze, la morte e manfre in top"- "only two things in life are sure: death and manfre in the top cut"-

Grande Manfre, ottimo risultato

taijibear 213

Pleasure as always playing against you, Manfre. Once again so painfully close - 14 power, like... We'll need to figure out a new venue for the annual grudge match with Batalla gone.

Baronerosso 155

Bravo manfre! Hope to see less cards like bodyguard or milk of poppy in future, but you are great like always