"Tywin visits the Eyrie"King of Swiss Batalla 9-1

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Lanni Eyrie: 4-0 Summer Kit - Manila, PH 2 1 2 1.0

alextrigw 230

Hello everyone! This is the deck I took to Batalla por el muro won the swiss and lost in top 16... I will explain a couple of things about the deck first... Well the Eyrie... Oped card for lannister imho... It gives you many advantages like being able to valar offensivly, making sure Tywin never dies, forcing oponnent to kill good characters for claim, keeping 4 chars when wildifireing mid challenge phase and keeping you in the game after a bad setup. I prefer it to the usual Harrenhall Tower of the Hand list cause it is more stable and can only be canceled by treachery... Chella x3 and Cersai x3 to make sue you have one of them when you wildfire... Jaqen together with hound and the attachments can apply some pressure... The Valyrian steel dagger although expenisve is totally worth it against targ, mirror, martell, tyrell and stark with core cait... To conclude this is a highly effective borring deck totally embracing the 2.0 mentality that big characters are important...

Matches... As much as i remember since i slept 3 hours before the joust... Barabwtlion: valared to clear the board and won GreyjoyFealty: valar and cersai plus trial wiped his board NWFealty: no wall till plot 5 TyrellbtNW: he had terrible setup i just walked over him Greyjoy KoS: he rushed i also rushed but i also killed some guys...was close NWKoW: he was far ahead but i got agenda through once with chella and cersai and trail... the rest is history LannibtNW: he had no weenies i had 2 trials and cersai with attachment... LanniBttW: Duped Tywin in setup.... gg TargbttKraken: He valared plot 2 i got cersai chella trial hj on dracarys and changed plot to sneak attack wiped his board then ghost for tywin and gg... Loss vs Tyrell LotC: easy match up for me but i didnt see trial nor any good character other than tywin till plot 4 at which point it was too late... and he outplayed me last plot with me playing counting into varys riddle...ggwp:P

Tnx for a nice batalla everyone!

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alextrigw 230

Will write some stuff done once i open my pc

Adkadi 296

What an amazing deck, The Eyriex3, Daggersx2... I bet if someone heards LanniRains is King of Swiss wouldn't get surprised but this list is just amazing. When I faced you I thought it was a heavily Jaqen deck-based but is way better than that haha. I really like this build, trying the give the Agenda the protagonism it deserves not only as a supporting option. Congrats! It was really fun to play against you not so fun to lose though haha.

Lannister 377

Hi buddy! I enjoyed seeing you in action. Can you give a clue on the logic behind the deck and the chosen plots? Thanks and congrats!

Don 43

Hi Alex i really liked your deck. Now i'd like to try card draw simulator to see if I will set up 3 times Twyn, chud, rose road :) a big hug Alessandro Guida

arathorn 1

congratulations alex...totally different to my lanny rains..kudos to your performance...cheers Martin

hanger1981 1

Congrats! You are the best bro!

Willham Martell


Awesome deck, congrats on your performance! How did the Valyrian Steel Daggers work out for you? I assume they helped to trigger Rains and the Cersei + Trial by Combat combo, but did it come up often?

Would you suggest any changes after the event and/or any cards from the new set?

wordsmith 1

I was once considering using Sneak Attack (Scheme) with Rains + Cersei + Trial by Combat to 3x kill effect. Judging from your deck I see it works.

I'm more interested on how you incorporated Valar in your strategy. Can you elaborate? As I look at it - you rely on Bodyguards, Duppes + Eyrie - you use massive discard + kill effects ( Cersei 2/3 kills with Trial + Jaqen ) and then Valar when board is in your favor. At that point opponent should be without cards to retaliate. Did you use Eyrie also to prevent opponent from killing some weenies?

alextrigw 230

@YEEZUSwould propably drop 1 nightmares for ptts and podrick for a queens assassin..... the dagers are worth it yes!

Wosho 76

Gratulations :) Why no Goldentooth to treachery bodyguard for example or to cancel enemy treachery on Eyrie or bg? Ser Kevan for Eyrie?

peterhelm 1

Brothel Madame against rush/crossing decks maybe?

levson 1

proplayeralextrigonakis #kingofalcalanotmadrid #alsoprodrinker

taijibear 213

Huzzah for the #proplayer - great to see you getting back to the top of creative deckbuilding mountain. Deck is a fantastic showcase for little used cards.

kennish 211

proplayeralextrigw! This deck is so good, used a similar list to 4-0 a tournament.

Dydra 1467

Cheers for The Eyrie tech. Really cool tech in what else would be a boring Lanni deck relying on Tywin and big guys :D

TheGlove 1

Question/Problem - what if Eyrie gets Frozen Solid attached to it? I guess running two Confiscations is the solution? Need one to deal with Milk/Ice/etc.....

Lannister 377

Can't happen. Read the card carefully

TheGlove 1

Ahh, I see it. 3 cost or lower. Thanks.