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won struggle for starfall with 16 players lost once to grey joy since I forgot you can seastone on a zero claim turn beat targ fealty, tyrell wolf, tyrell crossing, then beat lanni wolf and tyrell crossing in top 8 and claim starfall back to our house

full report (sorry for the late update) Round 1: vs targ summer win Opp never saw crown, I riddled the first counting copper, his blood of the dragon turn hit right into my song of summer turn, hand judgemented his dracarys, he never recovered from valar cause he had to counting coppers early, I viper and power behind the throne for 9 power in one turn. He never got a double mil on the two claim turn since I let him go first on the turn then imprisoned his khal, nymeria took one of his mil and he just could win mil that turn. Round 2: vs tyrell wolf win Opp never played renly even he had it, he opened with Margery and I assumed he has no valar so I went for full going wide. He killed a bastard daughter and discarded his first renly, next turn I viper eyed his second renly and intrigued his third in hand the following turn. I think he was trying to bait me for uo military so he can get a renly out for free, little did he know my deck is not designed to even announce mil( unless they only have one character and I'm going first). He also sent a duplicated brienne into my gaston to save his body guarded Randall, but next turn I confiscated his body guard and valared the following turn leaving him nothing. After I striped away all his power icon when he tried to recover, I won with a double attack with doran buffed viper and fams. Round 3 vs tyrell crossing win Opp took a mulligan since his hand had 6 eco lands (not even abor), then on the second hand he marshaled rose road + arbor knight. Game was just one sided, he never won a power challenge or intrigue challenge, got teared on Randall, renly has 3 icon strip attachments, marg has no power icon either. It was rough, we played one after for fun, it was really close, we were both at 13 power, he had marg and loras on board, I forgot loras' joust ability and took marg's power icon and lost the game, I think I would of win if I took loras' icon since I could double block marg with palace guard and mycella. Round 4 vs greyjoy fealty lost This was my proudest and most shameful round, I made a great play then throw it right out of the window. I had quentyn on set up, he had balon with body guard, we each traded a couple challenges, I viper eyed him to took his rise from the sea, at the end of turn he had 4 cards in hand and only balon with body guard on board, I had 6 cards and quentyn, bastard daughter and a palace guard, I know he is going to for sure valar next turn, so I played a song of summer right into it and chose to go second, when my quentyn died he was at 6 strength and was able to kill balon. Then he cracked a kings road to play theon and a seastone chair. I have a total of 7 gold (I have 2 eco lands from each turn), my hand was viper, vengeance, nymeria and Adrianna, I forgot how seastone works and throw out viper, got viper seastoned and next turn he play duped asha, I just couldn't beat double stealth with seastone chair. The viper turn was all planed out in my head, viper do intrigue flip power behind the throne and do mil, if I remembered I'm going second or I know how seastone worked I could been so fine. Top 4: Vs lanni kraken win This was a long and drawn out game, we went to plot 10. It was extremely back and forth with either of us struggling to pull ahead, we both had valar, and sadly this favors the Martell deck so much more since I have so many less unique characters than he did. He treacheryed my nymeria 3 turns in a row and nightmares her the following turn. It was funny to some extend, but also extremely annoying. My first valor killed Jaime and tyrion,and his valar took his cersi, his tywin was saved 3 times with iron mine body guard dupe and killed twice with tears and valar, it was his close call target twice. But I kept no power on my house for a very long time since my plan is to put resource him and come back with viper strikes, I defended every intrigue and my greenblood merchants were to looks for eco lands, the plan worked out great, at plot 8, I was at 3 power on house vs 12 , but he has 3 cards and no characters left, I had a full grab and +5 gold a turn, I took him out with a couple mycella renowns and a boneway trigger. Finals : vs tyrell crossing Played against a friend of mine who drove down with me to this event, we were happy since we both met in the finals (shout out to dallas meta :D). He was also the sad person I played on round 3 with the worst set up all day. I wished him luck and we begun. He had a terrible starting hand again and took another mull, but the mull was very reasonable. Sadly I did what I did to the other tyrell deck, took all his power icons, he was locked out for crossing and wasn't winning enough power challenges to get ahead, he had a super protected Randall but I was constantly taking his icons so he can only do mil, I also went wide and was happy tyrell decks just don't run valar. I had a timer, I need to win by turn 7 or my valar goes off ( which has happened before in out testing when I was playing Martell summer with double green blood and double song of summer). I finally found viper and my board is already lead by doran and a couple different lords and ladys of the house, ended his misery with a double attack from viper. He also had an early marg, I didn't do a single mil challenge this game either. Conclusion: Martell is my favorite house and a running meme in my meta. I always shit talks the house and play it every time, when I first started playing this game I took a Martell banner stag deck to two regionals and top 8ed both ( I literally started a week before the tournament) the ideas back then was strip the mono or due cons then kneel the big guys. I even played lanni banner sun for Adrianna jumps before the real jumping lions was a deck. My play tips: Greenblood merchant: does opp play valar? Yes: look for eco lands No: look for icon strip When do we need to valar? Next turn: play out a throw away unique and bait In two turns: start playing more eco lands and little guys to bait opp into thinking I'm going to valar next turn When to viper? Know opp does have valar : play viper after they valar or bait valar with viper, depends on your resource. Viper is the best valar bait, since we have 2 and most decks that play valar are slow control decks that are not nightswatch, we can for sure grind them down since they have more uniques than we do. Know opp doesn't have valar: play viper about plot 4, so you can follow up with doran next turn to double hit. Showing viper too early raises alarm, we need to be the grass, and strike when they are the weakest, don't show your strength at first, let them think they are ahead. When to hold bastard daughter: When you valar, its always good to hang on to a bastard daughter, it make you opp double consider if they want to do mil again, it is nice to pay two gold to randomly discard a card from your iPod hand, but it's very likely you will be going first on your valar turn, a bastard daughter blocking a mil is the most annoying thing in the world.

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Graham 9

This is a really good deck. It can kill easily, stall out rush, and get absurd amounts of power in one turn with TRV, Rains and Powe Behind the Throne