Martell Crossing Combo (4-3 in Swiss @ Dockside Brothel Days

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Trebge68 97

First of all, I had a good time playing against all the other players from the different countries. Playing seven rounds wasn't easy and I was pretty tired at the end. Eventually I finished 25th out of 66 players, with a 4-3 score.

The matches were as follows:

Round 1 vs Tyrell/Lion win 15 vs 2

This was against Conny, a player from the Dutch meta. And although she said she wasn't "that good", I still knew her deck probably contained all the big renown guys from both houses. Luckily for me, she had a bad setup and I was able to put the Venom on her Tyrion. Also, she gave a lot of gold on my first turn with The Long Plan, and on plot 2 she flipped Trading into my Song of Summer, so I could build my board. The venom on core Joffrey took care of him. She also didn't see her Tinder Marge. I closed this game on plot 4 (Gossip and Lies) with Doran's game.

Round 2 vs Targ/Fealty win 15 vs 11

I expected a lot of Targ, which where there, although this was the only game I played against them. Nonetheless, I wasn't too excited about this matchup, since my poor 4-costers can't do much with the burn. To make matters worse, he crowned my duped Nymeria on plot 1 and Heads on Spiked Arianne on plot 2! This went really back and forth, but I was able to milk his Drogo and I got the Boneway off two times this game! The one big mistake he made was when I played Valar to kill his board (with unprotected Drogo and Dany out) against his Long Winter. He used Fire and Blood to bring Viserion out, against my Doran and Elia but decided to do a pow challenge with him (he had two crones out besides that), which I could block with Doran and gain a card out of insight. Next turn I had the Viper out and could do three challenges and in dominance I had six tokens on the boneway and closed the game.

Round 3 vs NW/Winter Loss

This was at one of the top tables and I saw Richard Walker (from the white walkers, yes) across the table, so I knew was gonna be tough.

He played a choke deck with the White Tree out immediately, luckily for me I had a roseroad to mitigate that somewhat. I got to something like 13 power, but then he made a really impressive comeback with the help of 2 Vary's (one of which came out with The Last of The Giants). He also Blackwater'ed and Valar'ed and with Queenscrown, he discarded my chuds so I had a lot of trouble with my board.

Round 4 vs Lannister/Sun win 15 vs 1

This was a game against a friend from the Amsterdam meta, whose deck I knew and was full of tricks so I wasn't looking forward to this one either. In the end it was an easy victory, since I managed to venom both Tyrion (with a dupe) and his Jamie. So, he didn't want to win challenges against me and I closed again on Gossip and Lies.

Round 5 vs Stark Fealty Loss

Not much to say about this one. He had Roose out with a Needle on him, against my Arianne, Messenger and some other chud. Catelyn made sure my boneway and Long Plan triggers didn't go off. I also couldn't commit Arianne to a challenge first, since he was the first player and could kill her with Roose. I got my boneway off once, but he was already too far ahead. Long story short, not much I could do. He was the better player with the better deck.

Round 6 vs Tyrell Lion win

This was another game which could be difficult, but Arianne saved the day for me basically.Fun moment: he swings in for a massive military challenge with Gregor and Lancel, in comes the Southron Messenger and that was the end of that. A superior claim on turn 4 gave me some extra power on the way. I even managed to give Dawn to Edric Dayne and get the intimidate off, fun times :). Once again I closed the game with Gossip and Lies with Arianne having Dawn (after a Valar turn from him) and attacking with 8 str intr and 8 power after that. Nymeria was also on the board, which I used to steal Renly's mil icon, put in the Raiders with Arianne and gg.

Round 7 vs Tyrell/Kraken Loss

This was an interesting match, since once of us would make the cut if he won, so there was something at stake here. I got myself up to a reasonable amount of power, but him having the Arbor on setup made a big difference, since he could easily recover from the two Valars that were played. He also used Summons to pull out a Rattleshirt's Raiders to get rid of the venom on Littlefinger and another strong support character. I noticed that I was tired here, since I started forgetting who the first player was again and again. He closed the game with him playing AMAF with Brienne; Tinder Marge; Alerie and Asha out. Too much renown for me :).

So again, I had a great time at dockside. The goal was to win at least one game and maybe do better than at my first tourney this february. Mission accomplished I'd say!

I really like the deck, since it forces a very active style of play and there a lot a things to remember. For myself, but also my opponent. MVP's in this deck: Gossip and Lies (!!!, thanks Ben for that one!); Lingering Venom; Arianne Martell, and to a lesser extent: Nymeria.

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Buster_NL 1

Nice deck Egbert!

Trebge68 97


Robs 1

@Buster_NLI really like the deck especially as I play Martell X for like two months now. I still keep tinkering with it, so nice to see quite a different approach here. I might want to use couple of your card choices and see how it fares. I feel like the key cards are nearly the same in our decks, so the main strengths lurk in similar places. I must say that Gossip and Lies is king in Martell X decks. Paired with Doran's Game won me a lot of games.

MaximusB 1

Hey Egbert! Nice report, I was your opponent in round 7 (Max). It seems that you were tired indeed, since i didn't had summons in my deck. I did have a Rattleshirt's Raiders but the key-attachment he removed was a bodyguard on Doran Martell before my Valar. Anyway it was a nice game and i hope to play against you again some time!

Trebge68 97

@MaximusBHi Max, you're right! The thing I described happened in the previous game against Ruben.

But removing the bodyguard on Doran was a good play and you recovered well after both our Valars. It was a nice game indeed and I'm sure we'll play against each other some other time!

hagarrr 579

Hello Bert! I said after the game this would be my favourite match of the day and I wasn't wrong :) Looking at your list, I can't help but think that if you'd have drawn the Boneway, you'd have won fairly easily... Thanks for the game!

Trebge68 97

Hello Richard, the boneway would've been a massive help (to me) in our matchup, yes :). And I think you called it "a game worth recording" or something similar. It was one of the most tense and intense games of the day, that's for sure! You're welcome!