2017 FFG World Championship Deck

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Milchtee 43

This is the 2017 FFG AGOT LCG World Championship deck.

If it isn't, make it so. Someone. Anyone.

Thanks in advance, Everyone in the world

10 comentarios

Dydra 1467

I see the appeal to it - you play a different deck every game! Will keep opponents blind and guessing!

Mario57 126

Deck check?

GreatGopher 7

Great meta counter to all those oppressive pillage decks!

iaan 17

so op pls restrict

hookerspit 1

My version runs two Crasters

siegeszug 288

Anti-synergy between Catapult on the Wall and Green Dreams ...

This cannot work.

fallenturtles 1

There's a pretty extreme inbalance here. Might I suggest doing 2x Eddard Core and 1x Fast Ed. You should see a much more impressive board state.

Ohnoto 1

Don't forget... you have to be able to shuffle the deck without any assistance. :P

RedStorm 1

This is stupid. Why do you waste people's time posting this garbage?

fallenturtles 1

Watch out everybody! The fun police are here!