Bara Fealty NorCal Regionals Winner

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No Funny Stuff: Ep9 - Bara Fealty Dominance 9 5 11 1.0

gear 317

Khalejandro here,

Took this deck to the NorCal regionals just because I didn't want to lose to the wall. It turned out to be a good meta call, I went 7-0 and beat 4 wall decks in my last 4 games. Win power challenges and dominance.

I would probably drop a card for a 3rd spear if I was going to play this at another tournament.

P.S. I didn't really get to test this deck so I don't actually know if this deck is good, but it was good for at least 1 tournament.

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MythoS 79

Great Deck, Great Guy, Congrats !

SonOfBattles1 259

Nice! Lots of big guys. Did Duel give you much trouble?

Juraj 1

How do you manage to get a good setup with so many big guys and 3-gold characters?

supercuts 152

Haha the p.s. here is cracking me up. F***ing bara


I like this deck! I built it and used it this past weekend. I beat a Targ Wolf that used Mirri/Roose to Kill Bob and Mel - Merling King saved Mel and close call got Bob back. Only change I made was just going up a card for the other Merling King. How does this do against Lanni decks (specifically w/tears of lys?) . Any changes you would suggest with the new pack at all? Thanks for sharing,

MasterAir 1

I played this deck at Bristol regional and went 4-2. I wrote about it here. Thanks for the list.