Spanish national winner deck "Daniel Correas López"

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kaikou 683

Firstly, thank you R480 and Rocha. The organization, location and the spanish community were awsome as usual.

There is the deck I played last weekend in the Spanish national. Due to distribution problems, the fall of astapor wasn't legeal for this tournament.

A short report of the tournament:

Round 1 Tortxi fealty 1-0

Round 2 Dani Wesker fealty 2-0

Round 3 Kike Rains 2-1

Round 4 Zarius Rains 3-1

Round 5 Jose Luis Moreno Lion 4-1

Round 6 Sergio Tizón fealty 5-1

Top 8 Jose Luis Moreno Lion

Top 4 Free watch

Final Kike Rains

4 comentarios

AssortedNeedles 58

Gratz on the win!

Sneak Attack? Is that for high ini, go second and maybe do a claim 2 power challenge back?

kaikou 683

Mathematically I need 3 5gold plots in this build, so I thought it would be funny use sneak attack in a valar morghullis and kill the board with a claim 2 military challenge (as I actually did in 2 games, and could be 3 if In the Name of Your King! wouldn't appear in the bara matchup).

In the rest of the situations, as you say, I use it to do a power challenge to make a 4 power differencial (especially against rush decks).

It would be any other 5gold plot, but the surprise factor influence.

Antrim 208

I laughed at you when you included Sneak Attack in a Wall deck without events and then you go on to win the nationals.

I'll just shut up from now on. Congrats bro.

Detritus 1

Thank's @kaikou! Yesterday I took this deck to the 2ª place in Barcelona's Regional (Free Game 40 players, 5th in swiss). It works really good!