The Ser's

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Vipess 102

Hi! This is a knights rush deck that's been crushing our local games. With it's super high character count, your draws are rarely dead and you can always keep pushing the board state with a high economy that goes with it. Typically it plays with Time of Plenty into Trading or Summer Harvest to build a big board then you SLAM! a tourny for the king and attack with all the Ser's (Hence the Name!).

Osmund Kettleblack is the MVP (cersei's mvp too..) as he can put 3 more knights into play when you are on your Tourney for a King turn. Flood the board even after a wipe. Jaime likes to think there are no men like him, but Osmund might disagree... There are No Men like me is great letting you double up on renown with many of your knights and push through relentless assaults really easily. Add in Margaery and you smash the challenge phase. Lady Sansa's rose is great as your opponent will often have to respect your different challenge types all day while your army of Ser's line up to take them on.

Soon, with the brotherhood pack there is also Berric, He's a knight and a beast who will basically never leave the board (except by that sneaky snitch varys). And, the goldroad is a favorite path for your knights to take on their way to visit cersei.

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Vipess 102

Let me know what you think. Genna Frey in the next pack is also a great fit for the deck. Adding lady triggers for lady sansa's... make that cersei's rose.

vikrant88 1

Nice deck, how many game do you lose?

Vipess 102

Also, knight of the reach is super powerful and under rated. It can claim extra power multiple times a turn with there are no men like me, and be put into play by Osumund!

Vipess 102

@vikrant88 We've played 2 games at home and 4 at game night and the deck is 6-0 beating nw/wall, greyjoy (too fast for them!), and lannister/rains, and a stark direwolf deck. The closest game was the lannister deck but they couldn't stop the power rush turn with tourny for the king!

I think that targaryan could be scary with dracarys and no hands judgement but haven't been able to test that yet.

auburn1989 1

I love knights! I really hope they make a knight agenda, pls. Not that Maester trash.

Vipess 102

ugh, i know right. Knights are actually thematic and interesting. Maesters sit in their tower and do nothing in the show.

Happyfarmer 2

That's because the game is thematic to the books not the show....

Maesters, as a group, probably have the most speaking lines in the books