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celric 404

Here's my latest creation for our weekly league night. It's not a world beater, but it can be a lot of fun.

The central synergy that most people aren't expecting is how great Visited by Shadows works with Saving the Kingdom, Asshai Priestess, and Frozen Expanse.

Since we've swapped Royal Entourage for the normal 2 cost Bastard in Hiding, your own board is more or less unaffected as only Selyse Baratheon, Shireen Baratheon, and Dragonstone Faithful stay knelt on your side.

We've got some kneel classics as well Mel, Stinking Drunk, King Stan, Davos + Marya Seaworth, to keep an astounding number of cards knelt at a time.

You know who loves knelt cards? King Bob with a King Robert's Warhammer. King Stan with Lightbringer and Lord Davos with Black Betha. The all-stars get their iconic matching accouterments, giving them a big impact even when blanked. (Sadly, there was no room for Ruby of R'hllor and @Devs WHY DOESN'T this card have some COOL ADDITIONAL EFFECT when attached to MELISANDRE!?!). Seal of the Hand just gives one of those Lords even more glory.

FWIW Davos is my favorite right now. His ability to draw cards OR create money gives so much flexibility to get the resource you need as you need it.

Hope you guys have as much fun with this as I'm having!

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Normie 1

no stannis's cavalry?

celric 404

@Normie They were in a earlier draft of the deck, but missed the final version for cost and tempo.

Cost: Cavalry is non-loyal and non-unique so my Fealty and Great Halls don't reduce them. When I did play them, I rarely wanted to bestow them. I found found myself wanting to keep that money for immediate kneel effects like Mel+Seen in Flames; Davos+Marya; and playing/recurring Saving the Kingdom.

Tempo: Until the late game, this deck will typically have a buying power of about 8 or 9. Bob, Stan, and Davos, and Mel all provide a much stronger turn 1 impact for the 5+ investment.

I think they work in a full Dom deck, where you can play 3 Thrones and 3 Encampments and use the extra gold that Light of the Lord generates to build them up slowly. There's a splash of dom tech here, but I wanted to have the flexibility to atk in case it runs into another deck that's gone all-in for dom.