Trama. Ingresos: 5. Iniciativa: 6. Conquista: 1. Reserva: 5. Límite por mazo: 2.

Asedio. Guerra.

Al menos un Personaje debe declararse como defensor en cada reto (si puede).

La Casa de las Espinas #47.

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Bajo asedio

I don't to speak about the card but there is a little mistake, the name is BesIEged, not BesEIged.

Thanks for your works guys :) !

Laplante 195
If I have Margaery Tyrell (HoT) and i force an opponent to kneel a character, must he declare a separate character to be a defender if this plot is in play? — LockHowl 1
Yes. He didn't declare that character as defender, but was forced into participation. — ltlukoziuz 1