Plot. Ingresos: 6. Iniciativa: 1. Conquista: 1. Reserva: 5. Límite por mazo: 1.

Edict. Noble.

Each non-King, non-Queen character cannot gain power.

Adam Duff
House of Thorns #48.

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Your King Commands It

Was wondering how to use this card efficiently as part of my deck? I mean does it block every power gain even for power claims? Or is it just to stop characters with "renown" keywords from gaining power if they're not Kings/queens? The latter seems to make it useless unless you just want gold considering not a lot of decks in general have tons of renowned cards in the first place. Be great to know if I should leave it in my deck or put it with my "cards that don't do much" piles?

Your King Commands It blocks all non-king/queen characters from gaining power, either from renown or through other passive power gain abilities (e.g. 7-cost Catelyn Stark, Consolidation of Power). It is a good card to shut down certain rush decks, like Tyrell 'knight'-heavy decks, which rely on lots of characters gaining power from renown. — JakeMalone 41