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Clu 93

I'm always interested in a new agenda that looks terrible. At the core of the idea is some sort of combo where you have to run subpar characters to draw into the pieces that you want. I've tinkered with a couple other houses mainly Bara and Night's Watch. But, the impetus of the deck came around from a theory Jeremiah and I were debating about 9 years ago. The main thrust is that power rush decks in AGOT are combo decks. From that idea any time a new agenda seems like control, try power rush and see what kind of results can you get.

The start of the deck was trying to figure out how I could trigger Conclave and draw the card for an effect with the least amount of work. Since maesters have a weird amount of stealth I landed on Great Kraken. After a week of play testing and several alterations I settled on this concoction.

I'm still a control player at heart so I mingled the two theories figuring that The Conclave gave me access to 7 more cards in my hand. Important note: trigger conclave as many times as you can to filter your conclave hand after draws, it helps get to the cards you want quicker. What I found out is that the deck has a better offense attacking their hand, Tarred Heads became a key card since the power challenge is about the one I can reliably win every turn. Pike was a late addition and ended up being the leverage to push this deck closer to quality wins.

I kept losing to other better power rush decks and realized that Your King Commands It slows the majority of them down without affecting your power gain at all. The other paranoia plot selection is forgotten plans. It does two things; a) slows other power rush decks down, b) protects you from The First Snow of Winter which is a real threat to this deck.

How to Play: Start with claim two plots to win intrigue challenges and tar their heads. Valar with hopefully more saves then they have. Finish with power rush. Practice, practice, practice!

Enjoy the deck and hopefully this will be the launching point for other conclave deck ideas!

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Lawyer 327

Hello there! I like your basic idea, is similare to mine. I'm waiting for the new Asha to try to make a 2.0 version of "Black Sails" since the Asha ability hepl you to take the card you've put on top, more faster and/or play it in the same window or in adding to search a different card you need.

Clu 93

Yeah, new asha is going to be hot! Anything to get closer to black sails is a win in my book.