Winterfell Castle Red Door - SC 2018 Winner

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Accidental 62 card HOrDOR (Relentless Dragon SC Winner 5-1) 6 3 0 1.0

dom 354

Deck I took to win the first German SC of 2018 in Mannheim.

Went 6:0 overall with wins against Martell Wolf, Bara Red Door, Lannister Rains, NW Red Door & Targ Kraken (2x including Final).

If you build your deck around it, Winterfell Castle is simply amazing.

Use Gates of Winterfell against hardcore control decks.

MVP is Maege Mormont.

Cut Winterfell due to Nothing Burns Like The Cold.

Deck is of course based on the underrated Stark The Lord of the Crossing archetype.

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mattastrophic 717


colonialbob 107

I've been interested in seeing this list, thanks for posting!

Did you use HRD for Gates of Winterfell in any of your matchups? What decks do you normally use it against?

colonialbob 107

I've been interested in seeing this list, thanks for posting!

Did you use HRD for Gates of Winterfell in any of your matchups? What decks do you normally use it against?

dom 354

I used it against Martell Wolf. Use it when challenge STR is (almost) irrelevant.

DrNovak 1

Cool deck, congrats :) Have you considered Roose Bolton? With strength pump from Winterfell Castle he could possibly do a lot of harm...and accordingly also with the sacrifice theme

Knight Of The Blackwater 136

Well done man, love the deck. I was trying something similar but couldn’t get it to work.

Without winterfell how do you find the Targ match up?

dom 354

Thanks guys.

@DrNovak Roose Bolton I did not test tbh. I think the STR boost opens up a lot of possibilities for "inefficient" cards like him. I successfully tested a lot with Ice, but ultimaltey cut it as I expected a lot of control matchups in Mannheim. Splashing 1 or 2 in is definitly no mistake.

@Knight Of The Blackwater: Against Targ I played very defensively. As long as they don´t murder your whole board, you should be able to outpace them in power gain (the draw of Maege helps tremendously), even if all you do is oppose the Mil and Pow. Ofc, the STR boost makes it very hard for them to burn your chars. PS: Love your YT Channel.

adam_geek 457

Really nice deck. How do you play against Tyrell?

movac 1

who do you actually sacrifice with jon snow?

Knight Of The Blackwater 136

@dom thanks man, there is a good chance this deck could appear on the channel soon.

dom 354

@adam_geek Tyrell is tough atm. Try to balance the challenges. This deck is actually not a rush deck, you have plenty of draw, so you oftentimes find yourself defending. The good initiave on the plots helps with being second player, which makes life a little easier in the big board battles.

@movac Jon is actually not too important, the combo is a nice finisher, but I am thinking of cutting 2 copies of him. I think most often he actually sacrifices himself after the mil challenge, as he does not have a pow icon

America 161

@dom what would you add to replace the 2 copies of Jon Snow (WotN)?

dom 354

@America not sure yet, 3rd frozensolid is certainly no mistake. I wanted to put in roose and maybe greywind as intimidate is really good with the massive STR you can muster. Nymeria comes to mind, too.

zack 126

thanks for sharing! Why not core Sansa Stark (Core) instead of WotN ? The one you use is usually better when Sark is a banner.

Also, you might want to include a single copy of The Iron Throne, as an additional target for HoD against cancer/dominance decks.

Knight Of The Blackwater 136

@zack I would guess for set ups. and with 3x Septa she can be a str 7 renown monster.

dom 354

@zack I think you might have mixed the Sansas up. The one I use is loyal. Septa is really good to make VD awkward for your opponent (as well as Luwin). This is why I included 3 of each.

zack 126

yeah, yours is loyal, but i still wonder why you picked that one over the other (non-loyal) that might speed up power grab and won't decrease in str with stark dead bodies.

(about the mix up, i actually meant to write false banner, like the DC control deck and a few others i've played, sorry for the confusion :-))

tonywok 2

@dom I've been really liking Nymeria in my testing with something similar. Putting it on a character with an off-chanllenge icon has yielded way more unopposed than I anticipated due to the threat of moving it when I go in for the or .

Curious how Passing the Black Gate is doing for you. That's a card I've never really given a fair chance. Also, what did you find yourself tutoring with Summons?

Given how well Maege Mormont is working out, I'd be curious if you can extract some value from Bear Island Loyalist. He has a potentially bonkers synergy with Maege, and making your whole crew immune to events isn't too shabby.

Awesome deck! Congrats.