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Cunningdrome 65

It's another Red Door Iron Throne Deck!

I've borrowed liberally from some other great takes on this combo, with a special shout-out to Benji's linked deck.

I'm taking this deck to my local store tourney this weekend. Thoughts and suggestions are extremely welcome.

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Kingnothing 1


Good look and please tell us how it's done!

Cunningdrome 65

Thank you, I will!

Lawyer 425

i had more than 10 games with my version of this deck. Be careful with Greyjoy. Raiding the Bay of Ice is a thing now..... i suggest to play 3 The Hand's Judgment and one more Milk of the Poppy for Asha and Euron

zkillz 1


Cunningdrome 65

@LawyerAh! Thanks for that heads up. I'd forgotten Raiding the Bay of Ice even existed. I may swap out the Nightmares for a second Judgement/Milk. I'm increasingly married to Superior Claim to help keep on pace.


Lawyer 425

@Cunningdromeyou're welcome. Raiding the Bay of Ice was forgotten by greyjoy players ( also by me that i play them ) but now, with the new Asha, and the first Hod decks coming around, that card seems mandatory. It can smash all the Hod decks, then is a resource for that kind of matchup. You are playing more big char then me, but i can tell you that Superior Claim is hard to trigger here, and in any case with the dom pack, and two Heads on Spikes you have enough power source.

Cunningdrome 65

Here's the report!

We ran three rounds of swiss. I placed top four, and the winner of the day at 3-0 was (to everyone's delight) another Baratheon!

I did swap Nightmares out for another The Hand's Judgment and Milk of the Poppy. On the day, it was a great call.

Round 1 - Win v. Tyrell Crossing Knights - I was able to drop in a duped Melisandre (GtR) turn one, Valar his initial rush on turn two, and stay ahead on characters. I closed 15-7 top of turn 5 with Mel showing me a guaranteed Heads on Spikes. Tyrell had some rough luck on draws, and this could have been a lot more dire if he'd drawn into more characters.

Round 2 - Loss v. Baratheon Fealty Dominance- I've never had more fun in my life. Not only were we cracking up that we both strolled in with Bara decks, but we proceeded to have the most mirrored mirror match ever. We went nine rounds, where he closed 15-11. I was ahead on power most of the game, but between his turn one The Iron Throne and seemingly immortal Edric Storm, I couldn't keep up and was dispatched gloriously.

Round 3 - Win v. Tyrell Red Door Bitterbridge - This game was a parade of great top deck for me. I was able to drop Varys on the very first Bitterbridge Encampment, and Tyrell held back on his heavies for a turn. I followed next bridge with a Mel I could dupe, then a dupeable Bob on the next one. I popped Varys to clear Tyrell's board, dropped in Ser Barristan Selmy (TS), and closed turn four 15 to 4.

All in all, it was very fun to play and pretty nimble in responding to my opponents boards, and keeping most challenges opposed. Thank you all for your suggestions!

Lawyer 425

@Cunningdrome grats for your Top 4, happy that the suggestions works ;) What is the impact of Begging Brother in your experience? i'm thinking to try with a 2x just for having one more counter to Asha/Euron

Veknus 2

what is your plot deck order?

Cunningdrome 65

@LawyerThank you! Begging Brother was an extremely strong add for me. Even unbestowed, they're a solid 3/3 bicon (and for Bara, that intrigue icon is great). Bestowed, they're real combo breakers. I had good enough results that they're probably an auto include for my next deck.

@Veknus Time of Plenty is my opener. From there it all depends. If my table and Devan are MIA, I'll throw Counting Coppers usually following with Valar Morghulis. If I've got my table ready, I throw Heads on Spikes turn two and either the second spike or A Feast for Crows turn three depending on how much cash I need. The nice part about this plot deck is that is is pretty flexible on play order. With a 4 gold setup, keeping up with the opponents board is sometimes impossible, so I'm never shy of an early Valar.