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Benji 758

This is the final evolution of my Hod Iron Throne. I am very happy to publish it because the process of developing it required me to go out the traditional boundaries of Baratheon in a pertinent way.

I removed all Rhllor kneeling module because they are underefficient now for what they cost and what they provide : Melisandre should kneel twice per turn (or have insight) and is conditional, Fiery Followers just have icons and a poorly useful ability, Asshai Priestess is monocon and should kneel at 3 STR, Seen in Flammes is not enough in a metagame where many cards are performant.

I removed all copy of the Red Keep because he is a bit too much expensive, and at competitive level gaining power vs some houses (Tyrell, Stark, Greyjoy) is illusory. The argument "you give a choice between power and dominance" being anecdotly true in games.

I add Armory x3 because you only need to draw what is necessary, this draw is reliable and has the perfect setup-cost 2.

One of the problem of the deck is to face characters making multiple challenges alone. Melisandre is suposed to deal with them, but in practice you can lack Rhllor cards and Randyll is unstoppable for her. That's why I choose to play Motley x3 : they provide "targeted control" for these cards, helping Milk of the Poppy to go through Confiscation.

Pyromancers are necessary to survive Astapor or Hightower. They are the way out of Targaryen matchup.

Melisandre (GtR) was not enough efficient before, but the insurance of dominance and the need for secure draw makes her very competitive here, in addition to her ability to prepare for the post-Dohaeris thanks to her ability. Additionally, she is the big character you need next to your table of pins at the start of the game while being sacrificiable at the reset. She is absolutely necessary to the deck, because she is the only way to survive the Tyrell strategy and his numerous draw. Otherwise, Tyrell will simply repop post-Dohaeris. She also saves the Targaryen matchup by discarding his burn cards.

Robert Baratheon is a post-Dohaeris card, but necessary in x3 because he holds the table and allow a strong late game.

The 2 gold cost is extremely important here, that's why there are many of them and I even include House Maester in the last slots : they have an intrigue icon. I did not include Patchface because I have doubts considering his statistical reliability compared to the 100% chances of House Maester to have the intrigue icon.

Devan is in x2 because it makes "five" copy of your vital location : Painted Table and Armory.

Flea Bottom Bastard is your way to secure hegemony when the opponencan contest it. Otherwise, it adds intrigue icon.

I considered including 4-gold character but they are in general too expensive, so I assume the deck is wrecked by FSoW, his counter to this plot being Counting Coppers + repoping the table next round.

Your king commands it has two utilities : only needing to have one economic location to play Melisandre at T2 and metagaing the numerous renown of Tyrell. While being cumfortable against any deck wanting to powergrab.

Hope you enjoy it.

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mattastrophic 722

If you're worried about big locations, have you considered Nothing Burns Like the Cold?

Benji 758

Because it's pretty problematic with your own vital locations and your useful attachments :)

Lawyer 425

i like your tips, thanks for sharing. i'm trying Bara HoD too and the 7 cost Mel looks like more useful then the core set one. I know that opponent's location can make some trouble but Pyromancers are too expansive for a 3x imho. I'm playng 2x #Winter Festival for more piwer gain since the deck have a low str curve and you need to close soon as possible 'cose this deck suffer a lot the opponent's come back. I like the motley idea fond hand control, but the setup is a hard drawback and 6 attachmente seems not good here

Benji 758

Huuum I like your comment. I supose that we agree on the fact that Winter Festival x2 means you remove Your King commands it and Close Call ? However, closing the game fast is not necessary, imho. The deck does very well if the game last, the fact that he can go fast is a cumfort. I have very rarely suffered from an opponent come back. Most of the time, when you are installed, you stay installed.

Pyromancers x3 are not too expensive. They are too expensive if it was solely location control, but as said they provide intrigue icon and helps bypassing a FSoW if you anticipate it and have the required cards to do that move (otherwise, you keep Late Summer Feast for the post-FSoW). Moreover, the deck only needs to have icons on the table, meaning you can put a sole expensive character next to them, a character that you can shamelessly sacrificied at Valar DOhaeris to keep your low cost characters and switch toward another expensive characters.

You will never win a rush/draw race vs Tyrell, that's why Motley seems necessary along with Milk of the Poppy to calm the impact of Randyll. Its also very useful to calm a Martell. The reason why I played Motley is mainly because it will be more effective than alternatives.

Once said, considering Winter Festival instead of Your King commands it is intereting, but it makes harder to play Melisandre T2.

Kingnothing 1

I played a couple of games with the other version of this deck and I like it. Also looking forward to play with this version from Melisandre. Even it is maybe not T1 (or maybe it is?) it seems really funny.

So for understanding correctly. Your gamplan is to bring in Melisandre early,control opponents hand, play VD and worst case Melisandre is alone on the board or would you remove her if you can't refill your board from your hand?

Winter Festival is nice for power grab for sure. But there are so many summer plots these days. So it could easily happen, that winter festival is a dead plot. Never would trade out close call. If Melisandre is dead? What's next?

Motley and Melisandre should be able to control most of the the opponents hand but I also thinking that there is no way against Tyrell rush.

Tarred heads could be a nice addition to hand control but there will be no slots for that.


Lawyer 425

yeah, can easily go down to 1x winter festival for dodging summer plots. I think that the plot deck excepted for some slots, can be adapted to the meta. During my games i've founded the setup with 4 golds really frustrating even if with a low cost curve, and with a solid Northern Encampment economy then Milk of the Poppy that i've played in all my bara decks seems expendable for a better start chance. Anyway Motley probably is a good choice here, but considering Light of the Lord good for standing Mel or Gendry for a better dominance consolidation if your opponent's play The Iron Throne too, and you suffer the lack of Pyromancers that i'm going to try for understand if they can really help this deck

Benji 758

You will never have a good setup. Your goal is to maximize your chance to play at least 2 cards at setup, that's why you go full 2-gold cards. You're not playing this deck to have a lot of economy. You play this deck to oppose opponents challenge and trigger dominance effects. You cannot remove Poppy, and Motley seems better than anything else. The triade of Attachments/Event is not 100% awesome but its the best you can do.

I agree, now I play Political Disaster to counter heavy location deck. I realized dupes of my location where common while Northern Encampment provides all the needed economy, making my deck very resilient to Political Disaster.

So I play it as a joker vs heavy locations decks. Pyromancers in the following helps to clean the location board. And like that you can contest both locations and characters. Pyromancers are needed, its not even a debate.

Kingnothing 1

Why do you prefer late summer feast over trading? The goal is to discard cards from opponents hand and not to refill. And also you only defend and win the opponent draws a card...

Lawyer 425

i agree with @King Nothing. Anyway I just tried a compromise, with your choices and my idea, and I felt good. I added 2x Patchface and enjoyed it a lot with motley. The Pyromancers did not impress me a lot. I played a game against targaryen fealty, which put out Plaza of Punishment in T1, but there was no verse, to discard It with them. i had to win in another way, splashing char every round to survive and by doing points with the plots and thelocation combo. But in general out of this case they will surely help to control the Thrones. Now i have more than ten games behind, and i can say again that this deck is really slow. More than one game was closed by me with a difference of 2/3 point. In this moment i'm loosing only by Tyrell ( but you all know that ) then Your King Commands It seems mandatory here

exoter 18

Have you considered replacing Northern Encampment with Gates of the Moon -> its more reliable and as you discard your opponent hand - givim gim extra gold should not be a problem.

And another question - with the raising popularity of Targ these days and NW still in the picture do you still believe the attachment approach is good enough

HelioIt 1

If you want to use a good deck Tyrell, look at this game that I have spent a tournament in Spain, it is a deck of Brienne to win in a single turn!

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