Hod Iron Throne (efficient deck)

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Hod Iron Throne (efficient deck) 7 4 9 1.0
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Hod Iron Throne Melisandre 7 (more efficient deck) 21 14 11 3.0

Benji 758

I playtested this deck this week-end. He was surprinsigly very effective. Baratheon is straigthforward to deckbuild and thus I will only explain flexible choices :

Late Summer Feast : I can leave with not winning challenge and being First Player at T1, more than giving economy to my opponent with Pentoshi.

Confiscation : Frozen Solid was present on ThronesDb and really locks the deck since his efficiency rely on winning dominance. I previously used Varys' Riddle but in this metagame its very inefficient and I cannot really focus opponent's Counting Coppers.

Close Call : Resurrecting an important character can be useful, having draw is useful, having good eco is very good in Baratheon. Rarely play it, but very helpful vs Valar Morghulis and thus cannot leave the deck.

Trade Routes : Without Northern Encampment, you will need a second economic plot.

Flea Bottom Bastard : Last card to enter. The deck lacks intrigue icon to oppose this challenge and ways to win a mirror match. It perfectly lifts the two problems, along with obtaining more 2-gold characters for setup.

Selyse Baratheon : Considerable in x2, but expensive. Maybe at the expense of an Asshai Priestess because characters tend to have STR and her kneeling is poorly useful most of the time.

Other cards seems evident to me with some game experiences. Things to remember :

Robert Baratheon has to be kept in hand and played after Valar Dohaeris. Melisandre can be reoved from the game with Valar Dohaeris if you have a second copy. Red Keep STR bonus is not as efficient as before, but still is. And the draw he provides is vital. Red Keep triggers a choice between letting you draw + keep your power total safe VS winning hegemony if the opponent has this choice.

Overall, the deck needs character at the table and seeing his locations. If it does not see them, you should have plenty of control to slow the pace until you draw them.

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Benji 758

I forget to mention that this deck efficiently counter the metagame : Location control is terrible outside of Greyjoy, the only threat being Pyromancers (and you have counters to them). So this deck can perfectly win by only opposing challenges, sometimes letting unoposed to take back the power with Painted Chamber. You win challenges in attack if the situation allows you to. Otherwise you just oppose and trigger your dominance effects.

The second metagame-counter is the fact that power on characters are countered by Valar Dohaeris, and power on characters staying on the board are countered by Poppy/Nightmares/Vanguard Lancer/Melisandre kneel.

The third metagame counter is the fact that building a table with small characters and absorb military claim is easily doable, so you are not under big threat from aggro deck.

In conclusion, I think this deck is sadly very effective by passively opposing challenge and triggering dominance effects.