Hod Iron Throne Melisandre Large Cost

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Derivado de
Hod Iron Throne Melisandre 7 (more efficient deck) 21 14 11 3.0
Inspiración para
Baratheon Dominance, Meli 7-gold 2 1 1 5.0

Benji 758

7th Plot : 5-8-2 Draw 2 cards

This version focus on playing the most expensive cards, because they are the ones with a potential effect on the game.

Thus the problem is now economic because the deck is too expensive.

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Sassanid 9

I think its too expensive and too slow. The tyrell and greyjoy 7cost characters are more powerful, Baratheon cant compete with them. Its better to play with Cs mel+Gendry and try to rush dominance, you should include queen selyse as well