Baratheon Dominance, Meli 7-gold

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Hod Iron Throne Melisandre Large Cost 0 0 1 4.0
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Benji 758

This is an evolution of my The House With the Red Door The Iron Throne.

I swpapped the agenda for The Wars To Come to gain flexibility in the plotline and setup.

HwtRD has two advantages : 1°) you secure dominance... 2°)... since T1 in all games... 3°)...You gain two slots in the deck.

But :

  • You can win dominance with other cards (Flea Bottom Bastard, Melisandre (GtR), Robert Baratheon) pretty early in the game. Especially because you don't need to do challenges, and don't do them a lot.
  • You have very good statsitics with obtaining the IT by agressive mulliganing and Building Orders on T1
  • Most Baratheon cards are terrible, so it's not penalizing to have an excellent one x3.

So I swapped for The Wars To Come to gain 4 golds at setup and two plots : A Clash of Kings and Valar Morghulis.

Then I updated the deck with the most recent cards Selyse Baratheon (FotOG), The Bastard of Nightsong, Ser Cortnay Penrose and Spears of the Merling King.

There is no real "identity" in this deck, it is just a compilation of the best Baratheon cards.

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Benji 758

Maester Crssen x2, Fiery Followers x1 for Frozen Solid/Poppy

Wildfire Assault or Valar Morghulis.