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Danno 28

Hello everyone! This is the deck that gets me to the first place in the store championship in rome yesterday. The mastermind behind the deck is Alessandro and he has been able to combine his favorite house with my hate for the current meta of very strong locations and the increasing presence of greyjoys for the same reason and the fresh new Asha. So since baratheons are apparently MIA Alessandro created a deck able to do plenty of tricks with some strong but not key chars (ok we all know Marg is a 3x) and at the same time be able to control the opponent and mainly his locations. While a lot of cards are self explanatory the idea to have 3x Brienne in a deck with 3x Renly, 1 Crown and Mance it's because she is a char that draws less hate than big chars and you can save her with lady-in-waiting for when that Lord becomes a king. Also The Queen of Thorns or the Oathkeeper can save you on those key moments when you think you need a begging brother, a Varys or even a littlefinger or when you desperately need that lay siege or you want to dump that lay siege for a renly ride or a hj. Oldtown informer and first snow are best friends, and even a bounty of higharden well placed is your Arbor for 1 plot. We discussed about the inclusion of arbor and to play redwyne 1x but in the end redwyne won over arbor and rose garden because it is the only location we have that does not give immediate advantage but it can be duped for those moment when you think it's time to throw a political disaster. Talking about the plots: Even if wildfire may appear out of place remember that you have to choose UP to three char. So transforming that paxter into a randyll during the challenge phase after paxter has been knelt is a strong choice. Also keep in mind that Riddle + Strings is a fun choice. An extreme example is to String an opponent Nothing burns like the cold after you nightmare one of his locations (ok it's a mission impossible trick but nonetheless very fun). Not sure about trade routes. I need an economy plot on that spot but it forces me to open with late summer in some rare situations.

The tournament goes this way:

Round 1 LOSS vs Stark Kow: Diego is one of those players that loves Starks and their lore so he played that house in every possible way. 2 milks on Marg plus 3 wic took me to plot 7 but unfortunately i only draw 1 dupe for Marg out of 8 possible ways to save her and his Barring the gates on turn 6 while i was finally able to remove those milks prevent me from playing Varys. Nice one

Round 2 WIN vs Greyjoy Roc: Alessio is another one of those i always have to fight against during tournaments. Like Diego he likes one house more than the others. So Gjoy this time. The game has probably been decided by political disaster and Nothing burns on my side + the fact that i saw the dupes i needed to keep Marg and Brienne alive and the Crown allowed me to stop Victarion's intimidate. On the other hand i got more int icon and that makes the difference in the end. Also my first snow forced him on the defensive before he was able to play the rest of greyjoy family, but at that time it was too late.

Round 3 WIN vs Greyjoy Roc: Ok so we was expecting greyjoys so nothing unusual here. Massimo took a deck similar with the one that let him win our regional some months ago but i have been able to crush his duped throne on turn 2 while at the same time having 2 dupes on my Marg. That makes me played valar early but at the same time to get the advantage i need. The dupe on Redwyne gave me 2 more golds on the turn after Political disaster and growing strong has been the key to Riddle his copper. Duped everything after his blackwater and he has not been able to recover.

Round 4 WIN vs Lannister Roc: Maurizio always take strong aggro/removal deck and plays a lot on Teki. I was able to play in the past against a version of this deck similar to this one. He did a great setup but wasn't able to dupe everything. I got Redwyne on setup but decided not to valar. The resulting pentoshi on his side and late summer on mine took on the board a ton of chars on both sides but whilei had duped marg and another duped char (Alerie probably) he didn't. I had to nightmare his Cersei(Core) to contain the damage she is able to do and to have at least 2 card in my hand for the coming valar and then recover from that. Stars of the match were a Nothing burns that forced him to choose between Harrenhal and a duped Tower of the hand. He kept harrenhal and after my Disaster i have been able to lay siege his last copy of harrenhal. Special mention to an heroic Hound that won countless challenges.

Top 4 WIN vs Stark Kow: Diego again! Sigh... Turns out that my setup of Caretaker + Redwyne + Fossoway with Oathkeeper makes the difference. Duped Marg so a lot less military threat plus now i know his plots. Tried to force his dohaeris and at the same time being able to play my morghulis and those Renly's Ride intimidation on Catelyn / Nightmares on Winterfell gaves me the 6 powers i needed to win.

Final WIN vs Greyjoy Fealty: Nicoletta did a great tournament but i knew her plot deck so when i turned a Paxter into a Mance with duped Brienne and duped Marg + bodyguard her duel made me play the Renly i had in my hand waiting for a dupe. She had been unlucky with the big chars and i have been lucky while turn 1 her Heads on spikes missed my Marg but my Riddle hit her Balon. A first snow turn decimated her board while Strings on Spikes hit a chud, giving me 4 powers total on 2 spikes. Also an int attack on my side with Renly and the Queen of thorns, with the queen discarding a Nightmare for a Renly's ride, allowing me to turn Filthy accusation and to draw 4 cards (because of Renly - free coppers!) gives me enough fuel to win the game.

Of course a big THANK YOU to those that were there and also to those that weren't (Pointing at you Alessandro and Alessandro, Ispido and Gab and to Fulvio that was playing MAGIC(SHAME)). The game is far from dead. I played a NW/Wolf Flea centric deck on a 56 or so players resulting 3rd. I know the feeling. The hate was and is real. More cards will come. I will probably switch back to a Something/wolf deck because of Ramsey, who knows. The game is still fun. The people that makes this community are great. Keep being that way!

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Baronerosso 155

The only thing that matter is the Player!!!! Greattttt

Spirit_Bear 1

Thx 4 share

Lannister 270

Just wondering, what is your 2nd plot here? In case there are no locations to remove and you don't want to reset yet... feels like it misses a second non destructive plot?

iaan 17

Hey! - stop making good decks available for the masses you filthy italians! ;)

Congrats ofc, this list looks pretty strong. How did VM perform? Aksing because a lot of Tyrell builds I've seen lately run none.

Danno 28

@Lannister You are right. There is none. You open with late summer to setup and then you have to play aggressive. The first greyjoy i met opened with coppers x2 so my first snow left him with Victarion + Iron mines. Let's say that even with slow decks since you cna disrupt locations, small chars, key non limited locations and all chars and then close call this plot choice works fairly well.

@iaan ehehe Thank you! VM performs greatly as long as you don't commit too much Having a duped Brienne with the crown on random lords or even better a duped Marg allows you to play second hand lords and at the same time be able to recover easily from a dohaeris. The number of Lady-in-waiting and bodyguard provides you with everything you need to keep them alive. The big difference is what you get from Oldtown informer mainly, followed by Insight and Oathkeeper. Even Alerie helps. I usually get to the next plot with 2-3 cards in hand but because of them those cards were exactly the cards i need!

HelioIt 1

If you want to use a good deck Tyrell, look at this game that I have spent a tournament in Spain, it is a deck of Brienne to win in a single turn!

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