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Vastamere X - Rome Store Championship Winner 7 4 6 1.0
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Axel690 150

Hi everyone! First, thanks to all the people who participated in this tournament, specially the organization for making this wonderful event. This deck is heavily inspired by Vastamere Italian deck, so congrats to them for creating this MONSTER. As you can see, i only adjusted it to my personal preference. The changes are:

-1 Emissary of the Hightower -1 Olenna's Informant -1 Nightmares -1 Varys -1 Valar Morghulis

+3 Pleasure Barges +1 Butterbumps +1 Wardens of the South

Pleasure Barges are mandatory in any Tyrell deck in my opinion, they are too OP at 0 cost. Butterbumps helps setups, has intrigue and provides you draw. Solid. And I think Valar Morghulis is pointless against control decks, when you want to keep board presence, so I put Wardens instead to make Targaryen matchup even more favorable to me.

Soo, the tournament went this way:

Round 1 against Mir (NW Builders): She started with the wall and 2 chuds with 1 practice sword. I opened with nothing burns and she didn´t see any econ. Between that and first snow, she couldn't recover. It was a nice game! 1-0

Round 2 against Sazy (Targ Fealty): The game started pretty even, but at some point i stopped drawing characters (around plots 5-6) and he got the upper hand. In plot 10, he won at time by 13-12 or 14-12, I don´t remember. Very hard and intensive game, and a fun one :) 1-1

Round 3 against Pablo (Martell Fealty): I started the game playing slowly, generating resources advantage until he wasted his resets. After Dohaeris, Morghulis, and Duel, I had Tinder Marge and 2 big dudes, and my hand full of cards. I managed to get 15 on time. 2-1

Round 4 against Adrián (Martell Wolf) : One of my meta mates, a very good martell player. I remember i didn´t see any econ until plot 4-5 this game, and he pressured me a lot with wards and Dohaeris. At plot 7 I pulled off Renly´s Ride in Renly with power behind the throne, and raised from 8 powers to 14 or so. At plot 8 he went first with marched and got 15 powers with Nymeria plus Arya. Nice played mate! 2-2

Round 5 against Mimovil( Lanni Rains) : Very straightforward game, he played an aggro rains deck with clansman, I got all the big dudes with dupes in turn 4, and attacked in pow to get 15. Simple game. 3-2

Round 6 against Jose ( Targa Fealty) : Another meta mate. For this match I remember I discarded a duped Flea Bottom with Nothing Burns, and I got the upper hand rapidly because of my duped Tinder Marge and a good econ. He couldtn´t Valar or burn my characters, so i got 15. 4-2

I managed to enter top 16 thanks to the extended SoS. LOL. Btw, that meaned I was going to play against Harren (King of Swiss and Stahleck Champion). Very nice!

Top 16: Harren(Greyjoy Rains): Recorded game, so hopefully you will watch it soon. I started with duped Tinder and the straits as my econ. He started with Victarion and 2 1-costers, and roseroad. He opened with counting, and me with Late summer feast. First turn I left mil uo, so he can we dont sow the straits, but I can kill Randyll to search for Renly, and enable Brienne´s passive. I trigger rains and copy coppers. Next turn I FSoW and he played Late summer feast. I forced him to stop rains trigger with The Reader and Littlefinger, and then I pow with Brienne and play Renly´s Ride to kneel his entire board. Next turn I Wardens, he goes first and dont attack me, so I intrigue with 20 strenght to pull off a Wildfire that punishes his big board. Next turn, with 4 renowns in table, I had 25 STR and he has no gold and the same STR, so I go for it and finish the game. Nice game Harren! A pleasure!

Top 8: Jose (Rematch) : I know he doesn´t run Dohaeris, so I just try to marshal duped characters instead of playing around VD . I managed to keep Renly alive after his Valar, and win thanks to my superior econ and draw after a few plots.

Top 4: Rabs (Martell Wolf) : Very hard game where i started with duper brienne and straits, and only 2 characters in initial hand, with 3 more limited cards and 2 events. Turn 1 he marched and I lay sieged his harrenhal (BOOOOOM), after that I marshall Littlefinger and 2 chuds. I thought this match was lost, but I trust my skill and the deck, and managed to do some challenges and gain some power, until a point I had like 16-18 cards left in deck, all econ, 3 pleasure barges played, and finally after 3 board resets ( I hate Ramsay, seriously), nightmared Harrenhal and got my 15 powers with duped Renly, Randyll with bodyguard and a Begging Brother with 2 gold to prevent Varys and Flea Bottom shenanigans. This was the hardest game of all. Congrats Rabs!

Final: Sazy (Another Rematch): I started with Brienne and 2 chuds, and Sazy started with duped Khal and a kingsroad. First turn I had duped Tinder and Loras in play, and he played rhaegal with dupe. Turn 2 he played dohaeris and I went for Nothing Burns to discard a milk on Marge. Next turn, I read through his plans, and expecting FSoW,I played Wardens. He had Rhaegal, Khal Drogo, and a 4 coster, to my Alerie, duped Marge with another Milk, and Renly. I ambushed an informant to strike in int, and tried to bait some burn on her, but I didn't have that luck. I didn´t defend his challenges until his dragon is knelt, and next turn with close call I marshalled Mace and removed the milk from Tinder Marge, plus 2 chuds to mitigate mil claim. In challenges phase Renly went for intrigue, he eated a dracarys , I played Growing Strong, and he had to choose between use nightmares on Marge or finish Renly with more burn ( he didn't have enough gold for all). Renly dies and I search for Randyll. Next turn I marshalled Brienne, strike in pow with her, Colen and Randyll, played Renly´s Ride for a double intimidate, renown and dom to claim 15 powers. GG and a beautiful game!

For me, this deck doesn´t have any bad matchup, and if piloted correctly, It can beat anyone. If you have any specific question ask me in the comments below. Thanks to all the Spanish community for this. It was incredible.

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chriswhite 1

"I started with duped Tinder and the straits as my econ. He started with Victarion and 2 1-costers, and roseroad."
Baffling that he didn't March you.

Baronerosso 155

I have some idea for the future :) It was build with daniele riva, congrats

Danno 28

ehehe Baronerosso is the mastermind behind the deck! Congrats for your result and i have to thank you for your adjustments. I was wondering what could be done to improve the draw and without valar the barges are top. Also butterbumps is something that you want to have in this deck. I can't wait to test the deck online with these mods!

Congrats again!

llombetu 22

felicidades Alex, Gran torneo!!

Axel690 150

@chriswhiteLatest Greyjoy builds doesn't run it, but yes, it was a risky move.

Axel690 150

@Baronerosso``@Danno Thx to you guys!

King Nothing 1

With King in the north out now. Which plot would you swap for it? I guess King in the north could be really strong here? Good control for the Martell and Targ locations, even stark with winterfell. Maybe close call? Cheers

Axel690 150

@King NothingI would swap wardens or political disaster, but its a hard choice. I have to test it!