Thrones WAR - Martell Rose - Nick Hansen

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PugsOverDrugs 106

Quick Writeup:

Game Plan: Make it impossible for you opponent to play around all of your challenge manipulation. Win 2-3 2 claim power challenges on turn 4-5 and win the game.

Round 1: vs Stephen Ebrey Targ HRD Plaza of Punishment: Horrible matchup for this deck because there are 0 characters that don't die to a Drac, and all your challenge manipulation dies to Plaza of Punishment, Left/Right are a liability in this matchup. Loss 15-0

Round 2: vs Chris Schoenthal GJ Rains; The GJ Rains matchup is a pretty good one since between Icon Removal and Areo you can limit Euron/Asha triggers. If you fall behind on doing that and your fleabottom gets stolen early you will have a very bad time. Won 15-(something)

Round 3: vs Ryan Jones Lanni-Crossing: I love playing against crossing decks with this deck because you can really limit the crossing triggers with Areo/Dornish Spy stealing the icons the need. I made an egregious error and didn't Tears a Jamie which would have opened a march on the duped Tyrion, instead he replayed Jamie and then Mountained my Left to kill my Right. Loss 15-(7ish)

Round 4: vs Shelby Anderson Tyrell Rains Rains is another agenda you love to see with this deck. The trick to beating Rains decks is not letting them trigger Rains, they will overcommit to fire it and you just need to defend/remove chars enough to not let it trigger and then crack-back hard. This was a very tight game but in the end he ran out of Lords to bring into play with Margery. Win 15-13

Round 5: vs Luis "Breaking Ties" Bretas Bara-Sun I felt confident going into the Bara matchup because I have a minimal number of high value kneel targets, and olennas informants are a great tool for winning power challenges to turn off The Red Keep. Manipulating Left/Right to ensure they stayed in play and a clutch Venomous Blade were the key to me winning this game. Win 15-(something)

Round 6: vs Matt Zelus NW-Wolf Truly a man after my own heart playing my favorite House/Agenda combination. It was definitely to my favor that I was familiar with his decks playstyle because I was able to mitigate some of the blowout potential of Ward/Claimon/Marched. I ended up winning but it was on a knifes edge, one right card for him/wrong card for me might have swung it. Win 15-(something)

Round 7: vs Shaun McCallum vs Stark/Lion I don't remember this matchup as well as I should considering it was the win and in for me, but the gist of it was that after 3 turns he had no cards in hand and characters, and on the contrary I did. Win 15-(something)

Top 32: vs Alex Black Martell/Rose I was not looking forward to playing my Regent. (I had to play 4 of them in the tournament) and V-Blade are a bane of Left/Right. Luckily he called Tails and the coin came up Heads. Win by concession.

Top 16: vs Luis "Breaking Ties" Bretas Bara/Sun Having played against it once already I knew what I was facing going into this match, but so did he. He ended up finding his locations early but didn't have enough characters to stop the torrent of challenges. Win 15-2ish

Top 8: vs Alex Esposito NW/Rains I felt very confident going into this match. Rains is a good matchup for this deck, and I knew that his game plan revolved around both Valars, Big Jon, and Saving Aemon. Turn 1 I was able to VBlade his Aemon after he was knelt and then march the Qhorin. After that he wasn't able to establish a board presence and I kept him down and won.

Top 4: vs Alejandro Pantoja Targ-Fealty After having lost to Targ once already and knowing Alejandro's prowess as a player I was not too confident coming into this matchup. He ended up seeing a lot of high-cost characters and not much chud, so I was able to keep the board small. He made the grave mistake of riddling into my Marched which cost him a Qotho and Drogo and cost me a Left and HFK, from there I was able to dominate the game.

Finals: vs Kevin Shannon Greyjoy/Rains Having played against a Greyjoy/Rains earlier in the day, I knew my gameplan coming into this match. Minimize Asha/Euron triggers, find Left/Right, wait for Duels/Valars to grind his board down. After turn 2 I don't think he made it through a challenges phase with a card left in hand, Asha triggered ~2 times, Euron 0x, and Rains 0x, gameplan accomplished, game won. You can watch the VOD on Socal_thrones twitch page.

8 comentarios

mattastrophic 727

Well done!

With your only draw being 2x Secret Schemes, how are you able to reliably piece your game plan together? Finding both Left, Right, and duplicates looks tough!

Banjo 97

@mattastrophic Greenbloods with fleabottom work pretty well.

Buzz 504

@mattastrophic just like the Wolf deck I would say that there are a lot of tools to win, it doesn't rely on any one crutch. Riddle reliably hits Counting aswell.

hanger1981 1

The First Snow of Winter is inverse draw with this deck.

Ebrey 130

Emissary of the Hightower can be extra Secret Schemes too.

Orion727 85

Deck looks very strong but certainly difficult to play because there are a lot of options. I really like how your plan is to trigger as many come into play effects as possible. As far as i see you should not lose flea bottom and arianne. What is your plan against martell wolf with frozen solid and harrenhal? shadow city bastard looks like a perfect addition for this deck. While king in the north looks like a bane. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

PugsOverDrugs 106

I forgot to check all these comments. Answers

@mattastrophic You don't really need dupes often. Left/Right returning to hand on FSOW doesn't hurt because you can and if you are sensing a Valar you try to get them back to hand with Orphan/IBWHID or you March/Fallen them on the Valar turn. Also as @hanger1981 pointed out, FSOW typically 'draws' you a 2/3 cards.

@Orion727 Arriane and Fleabottom are definitely your two most important pieces. King in the North is definitely a problem, and I didn't anticipate seeing any Stark Harrenhal, so I didn't build around it. After the Martell box I would look to add Shadow City Bastard, 5-cost Obara, 1 of the 4-drop Nymeria, and Breaking Ties. (This is just off the top of my head, I haven't actually done it yet)