The Young Wolf and the False Dragon (6-1 KY Regional Winner)

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AlexandertheBAMF 195

Hey all, this is the list I took to the Rusty Scabbard Regional Tournament in Lexington, Kentucky. We had an amazing turnout of 20+ people, many of them from out of town (including myself) and everyone was fantastic. A great day of Thrones action.

The meta is Wars this and Wars that, but none of these decks, Tyrell, Martell, or Targaryen, truly does “warfare” like this deck, and it’s favored against all 3 of these deck archetypes, which was, conveniently, all of my opponents. The amount of early board pressure you can generate, combined with obscene stand, makes taking the board and keeping it a piece of cake. Then you slam down cards like Robb Stark (AtSK) on the table and rule the military challenge for the rest of the game. They play a pesky character like Khal Drogo? Kick his Dothraki ass out of the challenge and Put to the Sword.

Aegon Targaryen’s tempo pressure is immense, and combined with with efficiency of new cards like Northern Armory and the surprising non meme of being able to fetch King Robb's Host at will makes this deck fast, aggressive, and deadly. Most of my games resulted in the opponent simply getting chased off the board and crumbling under the pressure. Tyrell Wars, especially, doesn’t really have an answer to the early game mil pressure if you play it right. Mace Tyrell (HoT) can’t sit back and gain power for days when Robb Stark (AtSK) is battering down the gates. Don’t complain about how Mace needs to banned folks, simply kill his ass and he’s no threat at all!

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Culsandar 1

Don't forget your Bran triggers, Ace.

sking2 27

Did you lose any games? If so, what beat you?

AlexandertheBAMF 195

@sking2 I went 6-1 on the day, losing one match to Tyrell Wars because I stupidly (as @Culsandar points out) forgot to trigger Bran Stark (Core) to cancel my opponent’s The Hand's Judgment on Put to the Sword. Had that I remembered to do that I could have marched my opponent’s Mace on the following turn and probably been in prime position to coast on to a win. A costly misplay, but one I got to make up for in our rematch in the finals.

tonywok 2

Awesome deck!

SergSel 32

Congrats, great deck. I also feel like people complain too much about Mace, agrro builds like this out of Stark or Targ in a ggod counter to Tyrells passive power gain.

America 161

Solid deck. Nice work, dude!


Congrats on the result and great meta call with the deck idea! Just curious, did you ever consider putting in put to the torch or feel like you wanted it in any of your games? Or does the overwhelming board control put enough pressure to where you aren't worried about dorne, hightower, etc?

AlexandertheBAMF 195

@GIMMETHEL00T Put to the Torch was a consideration for countering cards like Flea Bottom more than anything because they can slow your murder strategy down by jumping in claim soak, which can be annoying, but ultimately I went without it and didn’t regret it. 4 cost locations are costly tempo wise, and my opponent’s rarely felt comfortable playing those types of cards out when I’m threatening to wipe their board every turn. I only saw Hightower/Dorne hit the table against me in one game out of the 4 possibly times it could have, and in that one it would have cost him the game to play it rather than a character if I hadn’t misplayed by forgetting my Bran Stark (Core) trigger.

That being said, I wouldn’t fault you at all for including it, but I didn’t play a single game where I felt like I was gimping myself by not having it. Board pressure is often more than enough control for those locations.

jtidal 22

This deck sounds awesome. As an ex-pat Kentuckian, I'm glad to hear the Rusty Scabbard is alive and well.

celric 399

Did you face any hand destruction? With only Summer + Bran and Luwin + Rob to draw you more cards it seems like you'd have a small hand fairly often. Was that a concern you'd want to address with a Coppers or Exchange?

taijibear 213

Does this not suffer quite a bit from Valar Morghulis taking our Robb, or Breaking Ties on any board where he did not show up? Seems like a lot of expensive non-loyal characters forming the backbone of the deck.

Great meta call though to go for kill pressure with all these grand machines people try to build.

tonythetiger891 55

Wow. No resets. Must have hit the nail on the head with the meta. You play any rush decks?

Paladin Wolf 7

What suggestion do you have for modifying the deck for the new restricted list?