The Wall Must Stand

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Night's Watch Indomitable 91 63 40 1.0
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The Wall Must Stand 0 0 0 2.0

munkeykungfu 8

This is my version of Thronerunner’s NW Indomitable. After playing at 50 games with this deck it’s time to start tinkering with it now that Taking the Black is out, it is time to add some new cards.

Key changes are:

Plots: - A Noble Cause - Calm Over Westeros + Fortified Position + Here to Serve

Characters: -1 Littlefinger -1 Bran Stark -1 Maester Aemon -1 Ser Waymar Royce

+2 Maester Luwin +2 Will

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Tathagata 51

Looks good Liam!

munkeykungfu 8

@Tathagatacheers mate. I wasn’t completely convinced with the changes I made so ended up refining it further. It has almost gone back to original. Still not convinced on Will but will take some more playtime to make a final decision